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  1. Thanks for the reply. Happy ending in the interim - the customer actually likes the generator (I sold it at a third RRP) and knows a chap in the trade who can build a remote control for it for £50. He suggested I give him £40 towards it and we call it quits - I've agreed to this. The Supplier also suggested that if the customer held on to the generator, the next time they sold one they would courier it on from his address and issue refunds all round. There are some very nice people in this world, and sometimes things do work out!
  2. I am in the process of trying to get a refund for an item ordered online from a Dropshipping company. They have a fairly good reputation, and so far, although somewhat sluggish to respond, have communicated with me. The story in a nutshell – 1) Advertised remote controlled diesel generator for sale on eBay. 2) Customer bought item and paid by PayPal 3) I ordered item from dropshipper, paid by PayPal. 4) Item received by customer was not as advertised – i.e. no remote control. 5) Customer asks for refund. 6) I agree and contact dropshipper. 7) Dropshipper admits their fault because the spec has changed on the generator – no longer remote controlled – and they had it still advertised as a remote control model when I ordered. 8.) After an exchange of emails, they gave me a return address and suggested the customer sent it here. 9) Postage costs were originally £66.40, and will probably be in that region to return the item. 10) I have asked the dropshipper to pick the item up via courier to avoid the customer or I incurring what would, to us at least, appear to be an unfair penalty for something that was the dropshipper’s error in the first place. That’s where we are at the moment. I have a good relationship with the customer, so no problems on that front. So, basically, is the dropshipper liable for these additional postage charges? Also, are the original postage charges recoverable?
  3. It was originally £28, but the person I spoke to when I rang up to complain about the level of the charge said that they would knock 50% off as a good will gesture, and so they did, bless 'em.
  4. This whole process is a bit like a cricket match, isn't it? Long periods of nothing happening, interspersed with brief flurries of activity. I'm kind of extending the former through not actually having ten quid to enclose with the initial letter. Interim I've been looking at the other claims I'm likely to make against CapOne and Amex. Looks like they'll both be around the £300 mark, but spiced up a tad by the fact that I'm currently paying them back through PayPal for outstanding balances. Amex have since sold on to CapQuest, so there shouldn't be any complications, but CapOne are still collecting direct, and I'm not sure what shenanigans might result from a claim against them for unlawful charges. I'm following a number of threads addressing the six year issue, since, like everyone, probably, I would have a small fortune in charges plus interest to claim from Barclays and Abbey. It could ultimately prove rather tragic that I don't have any statements for those accounts during the relevant periods. I suppose I could always adopt a "sneaky" approach and ask for the statements on the basis that I'm involved in litigation with a third party. Oh well, let's keep the momentum going; time to research NatWest's interest rates. edit : how the heck do you get your signature to appear? Mine pops up in the post preview then vanishes when I actually post.
  5. Well, just over 24 hours after finding this site - most of that time spent researching the absolute wealth of information contained here - I'm ready to kick off the first of my claims. I'm starting with NatWest, because, well, they'll be by far the easiest (The other two are CapOne and Amex), and will be a good rehearsal for the meatier claims I'll be attempting later. That said, I may run them concurrently, we'll see. I've got virtually all the statements for the two years I've banked with NatWest, and certainly have all the details for the charges incurred during that period. I will, however, still be sending them a data request - diligently copied from the template on site. The grand sum of charges is £166, and I've decided to use the contractual interest rate for my claim, which will prop the figure up to around £200. I've used a notional 29.4% for now, but will verify the actual unauthorized o/d rate later. I've knocked up a little spreadsheet to calculate this - if anyone sees anything awry with my sums, feel free to shout. This is how I calculated it - Interest is daily at 29.4%/365 For the spreadsheet junkies, the final column is calculated as - =Charge*(1+Daily Int)^Days NatWest Charges Notional Date of Claim 10/01/07 Contractual Int. Rate (tbf) 29.40% Date____Charge__Days__Daily int__Charge + int 31/03/06 - £28.00 - 285 - 0.0805% - £35.22 28/04/06 - £14.00 - 257 - 0.0805% - £17.22 09/05/06 - £30.00 - 246 - 0.0805% - £36.57 31/05/06 - £28.00 - 224 - 0.0805% - £33.53 21/06/06 - £38.00 - 203 - 0.0805% - £44.75 31/07/06 - £28.00 - 163 - 0.0805% - £31.93 Total ---- £166.00 --------------------- £199.22 So, two things left to do - *Raise £10 for the data request fee - yep - times are that hard *Get hold of the relevant interest rate(s) That'll do for today. This is fun!
  6. Thank you for your responses. Shame really, I was looking forward to dusting off my wig and robes...
  7. Thanks folks. Fortunately I've got CapQuest under control - they've bought my debt off Amex's reps, which was already being paid (thanks to my wonderful girlfriend's support) through PayPlan. So their mail's been redirected to the excellent boys and girls of PP. Love the signature, Martin, like the idea of linking cases which a number of you do here. I've got a sig, but it doesn't seem to want to co-operate and make an appearance at the bottom of my posts. Now, if I can just find that fascinating thread about contractual interest, I'll be ready to take on NatWest...
  8. Hello, new chap here. I've read through as much of the forums as one can in five hours, although suspect, information-wise, that I've only scratched the surface; a little more research required before I take the plunge. However, I do have a couple of queries - Do many people actually push their cases all the way? I'm feeling particularly vindictive towards my bank, and, purely as a matter of principle, would take great satisfaction in not settling out of court. Does exemption from legal fees apply to unemployed people who are not claiming benefits (i.e. me)? Sorry if this stuff has been covered elsewhere, but I've not happened across it yet. Feel free to wag a finger in the direction of the relevant thread(s) and I'll be off with much forelock tugging.
  9. Hi folks. First post for me. I discovered this site around about midnight last night whilst doing a little research on that most fragrant of outfits, CapQuest. Having spent an enjoyable and enlightening five hours perusing the forum and FAQ facilities, I simply had to join. No idea how much wonga I've donated to our esteemed banking institutions over the years, but being, apparently, in the "middle-aged grumpy old man" category (still devilishly handsome and almost perfectly preserved, mind you), I figure by now it must be a tidy sum. I've banked with several of the edited over the last thirty years, and imagine that recovering earlier sums may be difficult/impossible, but what I've read here has inspired me to have a crack at my current thorn in the side, NatWest. I'll continue the learning process on this marvelous site before powdering my musket, but look forward to starting my own up and at 'em case thread in the not too distant future.
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