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  1. Hi muggins hun ;-) just wanted to catch up and see how ya doing ? havnt been around here for ages now and im just trying to catch since the tide has slowly started to turn again. Time to continue with my various cases again me thinks (been on hold for nearly a year). Johnny
  2. slides over and sits down next to corn.... hey hun i see your thread has grown a lil bit since i was last here
  3. Hi Photoman, i havnt had chance to fully read the last 7 pages i have missed, but i will when i get chance. Just wanted to say im around again after a lil sabatical ;-) looks like progress is being made though, catch up with you soon mate Johnny
  4. Hi Paul just wanted to say hi as i havnt been around for a while, but im watching with some interest the developements as they unfold ;-) Johnny
  5. Hi all sorry for being away for ages i have been so very busy, but hey im back and back on track with my various claims. I have received several offers from MBNA over the last 8 weeks or so. I just returned them with thanks but no thanks, i would rather go to court. My PoC is done and dusted and about to be submitted to court, though im not going to post it here just yet, for several reasons which will become clear over the next few weeks. But i will post it when the time is right and maybe it may help a few of you. I have been lucky enough to have the benefit of a law lecturer of a dad and a solicitor for a business partner, so between them i have received alot of help and advice. Im doing something slightly risky in court which i wont bore you all with, or risk somebody else copying me and then failing. This really isnt about the money for me its pure principle, but i realise some of you may be relying on your money. So im going to take a few chances in court and see what happens, i have nothing to lose really, well ok maybe i do but im doing it anyway. I'll keep you all posted Muhaha Johnny
  6. Hi muggins my lil babe ;-) sorry i been away for so long....man i been busy it looks like you have too, i have much to catch up on huh, i had to put my claims on hold for the most part due to several things really, but all is back on track now i have time again. I'll catch up with you over the next few days hun, just wanted to say hi and im rooting for ya Johnny
  7. Thought id show my face in here seeing as i started this thread ;-) a lots been happening over the last few weeks though shouldnt really mention too much, havnt really had time to catch up properley yet as i have been absent from CAG for ages. I will report back in due course with my recent findings. Best of luck to one and all Muhahaha Johnny
  8. Just about to file my MBNA claim (N1) for a case of charges and mis-sold PPI, which totals about £3000, though with the CI, costs, aggravated, exemplory damages and costs it comes in at about £12500 Lets see how MBNA take this news
  9. Paul, lol, things do seem to be getting quite interesting dont they. cant wait to find out whats behind it all, though at this point i think you may be better off playing your hand quite close to your chest, as the element of surprise is often the far better attack. A solicitor should serve you very well here and should guide you all the way to the bank so to speak. IMHO i would stay well away from (ahhh hmmm ****** journalists as is my experience they only ever want one thing and thats very usually not your best interests) maybe after the case has been heard perhaps a little exposure wouldnt go amiss Best of luck and keep us posted Johnny
  10. @ that Corn...thats funny
  11. round and about hun ha been mega busy of late, with this that and the other you know how it is sometimes. Been neglecting my CAG time though, and my court claims. Really gotta get on the case with this now as MBNA are going to get it good style if they do turn up in court, they are claiming no responsibility on the PPI side, but i have decided to make just one claim (charges and PPI) all together and see what happens. I know that may well mean that if it goes to AQ, then it may get fast tracked, but im willing to take that risk. Not only that i think if i keep the claim together then i stand alot more chance of getting paid on the PPI without argument. But time will tell hun, the claim is now around the 12k mark :o i'll keep you posted with any updates, hope all is well with you Johnny
  12. been in recent correspondance with the Halifax, and even though i requested specifically not to do this, i received a letter from them saying they are willing to pay me £600, and they will be paying this directly into my account within 14 days whether or not i like it. I cant believe they are trying to do me like this lol did they read anything sent to them ? ahh well i have sent a letter back stating that i do not acknowledge this some of money as payment, and if they want to make payment on the issue at hand, then they must do so by cheque and cheque only, as previously stated. It seems i getting offers left right and centre over the last few weeks.
  13. it seems Rachel Claridge just keeps on ignoring everything and everyone, does she really exist i wonder. Every letter i receive is not actually signed by her, its just a copied signature at the bottom, probably written by some office junior. well she sent me a cheque for £530 saying it was in full and final payment, and it was purely goodwill... MBNA i am gong to crucify you in court very soon, with costs and damages, CI and fees we are looking in the region of £12k, so im sure Ms Rachel Claridge you would have been much better off paying when i first asked.
  14. Well done Michael to be honest i personally didnt think you would get too much trouble (atleast in court) from them. Its all a game of poker mate, you must have had a really blank expression still wish you had pushed on the CI but under the circumstances, well played and enjoy it. Regards Johnny
  15. interesting read, like his views on damages lol
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