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  1. Hi honey,

    just been going through your thread again, you keep in there for you and baby honey, you'll get money soon enough (cheques from IR and banks, what could be better :D ). I must admit I was same as your hubby insensitive and all that guff (post No 70, s**t I'm feeling guilty all over again :-o ), us men we're like a good wine mature with age :rolleyes: . We could probably do with a few more female hormones. Look forward to seeing your thread in the 'WON' section :D

  2. Zhan,

    send your letters to:


    HSBC plc





    or you could send them to (my preferred address)


    Colin Langdale

    Quality Service Team,

    Arlington Business Centre,

    Millsahw Park Lane,




    He is the man who will send you a puny offer at some point, and any fob off or stalling letters etc. always nice to load up his desk with lots of mail sacks :D


    Dont add on the 8% just yet, you do that at the mcol stage.

    Stick rigidly to your timetables calender days not working,

    and go get your cash back.

  3. Owl,

    on mcol you need to make sure that your claim wording fits on no more than 24 lines, you have 26. Just compress it all dont worry about paragraphs etc.


    Also the amount claimed is the unlawful charges plus interest, mcol will automatically add on the court costs.


    Submitted my mcol on monday 22nd, then received offer from Mr langdale on tues. He was replying to my first letter dated 21/12/06 soit would seem he is a bit off our timescales. Just stick to yours and the moneys in the bag.


    Good luck with the claim (you wont need it) ;)

  4. Dom

    I'm sure they will give a monkey as lots of little pains = 1 big headache for the banks. :D So take your time and get your cash back. I too have a business account with HSBC which will be receiving my attentions after my current account.

    There are some who are claiming back more than 6 years worth so it is certainly worth looking into.

    good luck.

  5. Kealey,

    Firstly welcome, secondly dont panic it really is easy.

    Try and open another account just in case. Although I would say in the whole, they don't tend to close accounts because of this, from what I have read.

    The new account is 'just in case'.

    There is loads of help available for you on this site it really is brill.


    So get started a take back what is rightfully yours :D

  6. Been getting so excited keep pressing submit reply button by mistake before post is completed. :|



    the mcol status is issued as of 22/01/2007 so must just wait now for dg to get their skates on, have a bit of a feel good factor going on just now. :D




    I used a template letter but just tweaked it a bit to suit, any thoughts on the refunded £75 charge and the extra £75 charges that I have replaced them with?


    Thanks all Gordy

  7. Lisa,

    I am only speculating here but I would say it would be £10 for each account as you should treat them all seperately during the letters process.

    I would think you could total them all together though when it comes to the mcol stage and treat it as 1 claim.

  8. Hi Liz,

    I know BONG is claiming back 13 years worth of unfair charges and interest so, I would have thought they're only clutching at straws. Or maybe they forgot to send the revised paperwork due to the amount of claims they are dealing with and this phone call today was their way of covering this up.

  9. This is my reply letter to my previous post.


    Any comments or improvements?

    HSBC plc

    Service Quality Team,

    Arlington Business Centre,

    Millshaw Park Lane,





    23 Janurary 2007


    Dear Mr Langdale


    My Reference ---------------

    Your Reference ------------


    Thank you for your letter dated 22 Janurary 2007.

    In the abscence of a response to my previous letters within the time specified I have filed a claim in the County Court and have therefore incurred further costs. I am prepared to accept the sum offered only as part settlement and on the clear understanding that I will pursue recovery of the remainder, to include interest and costs incurred. I would however be willing to withdraw my claim upon receipt of a full settlement of my claim of £3,340.00 + £749.26 + £120.00 costs totalling £4,209.26 .


    As you point out about charges totalling £75.00 already being refunded, I would like to point out that there are charges on my account due to debited on the 29th of Janurary 2007, and on this basis I will leave the amount claimed unchanged to cover these. I await your response within the next 7 days, and no further correspondence will be sent regarding this matter.


    Yours sincerely



  10. WOWEEE!!

    Getting closer ;)


    Received an offer today from Colin Langdale, however this letter is the follow up to my first letter asking for my dosh back, and not the LBA. and I am now at the mcol stage.

    Seems he is a bit behind on the schedule must be all the claims he has to deal with. Still about time he did some decent work for a change and earnt his money.




    22nd Janurary 2007


    Without prejudice


    Dear Mr Gordylar


    Our Ref:xxxxx

    Your Ref:xxxx


    Thank you for your letter dated 21st Dec 2006 requesting a refund of your

    bank charges of £3,340 passed during the 6 last years. Whilst we were reviewing your complaint we realised some of the charges you were trying to claim have been previously refunded. Accordingly £75.00 has been deducted from your claim. Regarding your request to refund overdraft interest on your account, HSBCs interest rates are well publicised in respect of both formal and informal overdrafts. It is, of course, a condition of your borrowing from us that you will pay interest at the agreed rates on that borrowing. As such we will not be refunding the interest that has been applied to your debt.


    In circumstances where you would like us to make a payment from your acccount that would if met by us, lead to your account going overdrawn or over an agreed overdraft limit, we have to consider whether to make this payment. A fee is payable for this service provided by the bank, details of which, blah blah blah, and they would sucessfully resist any legal challange if the claim went to court, blah blah blah.


    We are, however, mindful of the management time and irrecoverable legal costs that it may incure in relation to such a claim. For those commercial reasons alone, and without any admission of liability whatsoever, we are prepared to make a payment to you for the sum of £2,765.00 in full and final settlement of this matter. This represents our offer in respect of the charges applie dup to and including 22 Janurary 2007.


    Then the usual, if you accept blah blah blah.


    yours sincerely


    Colin Langdale


    In the letter He said that I had charges of £75.00 already refunded to me therefore I have 2 questions:


    1. Can I add on £75 charges due to be taken from my account at the end of this month to cancel the £75 they deducted from my claim?


    2. If I cant add on these charges do I then have to change my MCOL claim to exclude the £75 they have deducted from my claim?


    What I think I shall do is write back and state that I will leave the claim as it stands due to the charges applied to my account which are due to be taken on the 29th of Jan 2007.


    Anyone know of a good reply letter.



  11. Lucy, you certainly are in the right, but even if you are not it doesn't matter the banks are paying out. Just think of it as a long term savings account that you have with them at 8% interest ;)

    You'll find lots of great people on this site all eager to help reclaim what is rightfully yours.

    Good luck (you won't need it though) :D

  12. Hi Lattie,

    I was thinking I shouldnt have put the amount in my thread title as they could probably identify me. Although I can't see that making any difference (I hope).

    I'll keep checking my mcol status, ready for the final leg.

    Can't wait to see the end of this claim, then I have one more scalp to aim for, a van loan with the AA and their unfair late repayment charges.

    Thanks Gordy.

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