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  1. would be nice if the bank managers were like that, but i'm sure you'll find all the banks are the same, it's just the odd special person in them that occasionally shines through. Well done with the refunded cash though .
  2. netty, this judgment was issued wrongly by me at beginning of feb and had to fill in a form to have it removed but the courts have not done this yet,and so it still says issued on mcol. But the 28 days is up from the acknowledged stage tomorrow, so now im a bit puzzled as I cant press for judgment on this until they remove the previous judgment that I issued . p.s. just updated myself on your thread .
  3. Netty, S**t, what a time you have had. Don't get flustered, just keep going and get that money back .
  4. Hi netty, how are you getting on with your claim, not been on too much lately so I have not been up to date with matters.
  5. o.k. then just been on mcol and it still comes up as judgment issued on 07/02/07, thought that might have been changed after applying for it to be removed. Hope this does not delay my claim. Will phone the courts tomorrow to find out about the judgment and where I now stand as regards to the timescale of my claim. The suspense is killing me .
  6. Lattie, you are amazing your family is very lucky to have you. As for my claim, acknowledgment of service was issued on the 24th Jan so 28 days from then which is......... just checking calendar...........it's, bloody hell tomorrow. Does that mean I must hear by tomorrow or does it mean I can press for judgment. Please let me press for judgment 2nd time lucky and all that, please let me, please let me. Just going to check mcol now, will report back in a mo.
  7. gordylar

    Genus vs HSBC

    Genus, congrats, nice short transaction, sweet
  8. John, cram as many charges in as you can because when you get to mcol D.G. (hsbc's solicitors) will date your claim 6 years from the mcol date. If the spreadsheet won't go to Jan 07 write it in by hand that should do. Be sure to update your claim as you proceed, if you get any more charges. Glad to see i'm not the only one burning the midnight oil.
  9. Yoda, go for it, it will work, read all the faq's and look at other people's threads to give you encouragement and help, most of the questions you may have others will have asked. Even so if your not sure just ask, there are lots of great people with good advice to hand. Stick to all the tried and tested and in a couple of months you'll have your dosh back, and a great big .
  10. you wouldn't want to be a man m.l., have to put up with pmt, baby blues and the washing up . Still nothing heard from D.G. Seems to take ages when you get to mcol stage and they acknowledge. Spent all the money (Home improvements) and I haven't even got my sticky paws on it yet.
  11. Phoned mcol today and they said they had now changed it from 7 days to 12 from the date of the letter, still asked them to make a note on my records to show I had phoned regarding this, can't be too careful. So on with the waiting. Good luck with your claim iadaco, stick to all the tried and tested on this site and you'll soon have your money. Lattie must feel like been given the holy grail getting your hands on the remote, I lock mine away when i'm not glued to the telly. Still boys getting older so will soon be able to empower them with it when i'm not about. he,he.
  12. Certainly did, lovey dovey card and a big bunch of flowers . Trust Mr lattie did for you?
  13. Lost no weight, I put some on drinking too much guinness :o not as young as I used to be . Received an n244 form today from mcol to have the judgment removed, it will cost £35 , and it was sent on the 08/02/07 and I have 7 days to return it from the date of the letter (tomorrow), idiots. Otherwise it will have to go to the district judge for directions, which may mean (in their words) your case will not proceed. Great more phone calls and being held in a queue to try and sort this out.
  14. dohhh!!!!!!! Thanks, mam lattie / sis netty, Rachael called back yesterday, asking about the judgment and that HSBC had not admitted owing me MY money. I told her that on mcol it let me continue and that it mentioned about the defendant admitting to all monies owed. So I applied for judgment and it was accepted (just played dumb on this). However they have applied to have the judgment removed as it is invalid (which after speaking to the court I think we knew). Rachael also said it might cost me £35 for having it removed, and it might benefit me to write them a letter asking this, stating that it was an error on my part (could save me the £35). Must say though she was very nice and helpful, makes me feel a bit sorry for them having to sort out HSBC's mess (only a bit). As regards to my claim she said it is in the system, and they are going through my breakdown etc... So unfortunately no offer from DG as yet .
  15. Thanks m.l. I received an answer phone message from Rachael at DG today asking me to urgently phone her. So I did and guess what I got straight through to her ................. ..........ans phone, SURPRISE SURPRISE . Anyhow will keep trying and leaving messages, hopefully it could be an offer . Will update later, fingers crossed.
  16. Cheers netty, It's just in case I don't get on over the next day or so. Rainy ol b'mouth at mo, been to brum a few times. My bruv married a brum lass and settled (could be you ),sis. Imagine I,d have a mamie lattie and a sis netty , and we'd all be rich thanks to HSBC :D:D .
  17. Martin, when you say they will ask to have it set aside, do you mean the judgment? Also it wont have any adverse effects on my claim will it.
  18. lattie, I'm in the same mind as you about holding off sending the form back to northampton. Good idea though about dg think I shall do that first thing monday morning. Don't need to worry about not speaking to anyone I only ever get the answer phone . Then they ring me back and leave me a message on my ans phone. p.s. waffle on .
  19. Lol, cover every base, Mistakes could be costly. Just ask and you will be answered. Seems like your on the ball, and it's all proceeding well. Keep it up and the dosh will be yours soon enough .
  20. Just a quickie. been on mcol and in the judgment box it now says ISSUED In the warrant box it says START (what I would give) Money not in bank either, come on DG/HSBC give me my loot.
  21. Lattie lots has been up, Sorry been unable to reply sooner been in-undated at work. Right I contacted the court yesterday and asked the lady who I spoke to about my claim and where I stand, why I was allowed to press for judgment etc. She informed me that I should not have pressed for judgment, the reason she gave me: It was in case they (dg) send me a letter admitting that all monies are owed to me, only then could I press it to apply for judgment against them. I told her that I was under the impression that the claimant was unable to press for judgment unless they had won, she informed me this was a standard thing on mcol and I should not have pressed it . Now I must fill out a form which she is sending me to ask for the judgment to be removed. SO IF YOU CAN PRESS FOR JUDGMENT WHEN IT "SAYS CLAIMANT HAS ADMITTED ALL MONIES OWED" DON'T I also received the papers from the court today which says: "In accordance with your request, judgment was entered against the defendant on the 7th February 2007. Do you think I should inform DG of my error? or just fill out the court form and return it, possibly hoping that DG might just pay up after they receive their letter from mcol saying judgment has been entered against them. Has anyone else noticed this on their mcol? In my judgment box it said continue, So I continued, it then mentioned about the defendant admitting to all monies owed. so I clicked on next, It then gave me 2 choices 1. Defendant has admitted to all monies owed. 2. Defendant has not paid all monies owed. I entered the first one. Seems to me now that this should be the stage after the claim has been to court or they (dg) make an offer that is accepted (perhaps). So on with the claim .
  22. buzby, thanks for that, at least I know where I stand now and can proceed from here.
  23. Thanks, But I think there may be a sting in the tail with this as it doesn't add up. Fingers crossed though. Good luck with your claim (although luck isn't required) you'll get your money back soon enough
  24. Hi all, My problem: I had an early upgrade on my contract and at the same time upgraded my tariff from 500 - 750 mins. Had loads of trouble trying to get early free upgrade, and after threatening to change providers (it was not that simple) they relented. I had the phone for 2 weeks then it just stopped working, I Contacted 3 and asked for a replacement, they told me they would repair it, I didn't want the repair as it was only 2 weeks old and said it should be replaced. In the end agreed to the repair and they collected it 2 days later was told it was beyond economical repair and it would cost me £45 for a replacement. Then found out that it was not the same model but a lesser one and not even the same make. I told them this was not acceptable, 1: for the cost and 2: it was not the same make or model. I was then told it was all they could do as it was water damaged. Well bloody hell you could have knocked me over. I told them they must be pulling my p****r, and that there was no way it had water damage. They insisted it did and that it could be moisture, well we do live in a wetish climate and if this is the reason then the phone design is at fault not me. Anyway after lots of discussion they said tough, so I threatened to cancel my new contract that starts in may, was told I can't as i'm contracted, I told them that it wasn't worth the paper it was written on as I did it over the phone. Really annoyed as I feel I have been wrongly treated. I use my phone for work so it is quite important. My questions are: 1, can I demand a new phone like for like ? 2, if not can I cancel my contract ? 3, if none of the above then any ideas. p.s. they did say i could have the same phone if I handed over £200+ cheeky buggers.
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