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    Craig, try not to panic too much just read as many threads as you can and keep asking for help if your not sure. your bro will have his cash pretty soon now, make sure he takes you out for a beer or ten as a thank you .
  2. Thanks Martin, certainly am another happy hsbc'er with a slightly better bank balance .
  3. Netty that's what sons are for, grabbing your money and eating the cupboards bare ,used to be quite good at it myself lol. My 2 boys have started to already and they are only 8 & 10 . Then there's the 9 month old daughter, maybe i should start the saving for her big day ............................................... ...................................................... or maybe not (just yet).
  4. Netty, :o can't believe you didn't make the pub, we were all there waiting , Bet it because now you've got your money you wont be letting it go, lol
  5. Hi all, just doing this post so it comes up as a subscribed thread for me, as I will check my business account to see what HSBC have charged me. Then will set the ball rolling, will also close the account and open a personal one for my business (sole trader) should work out cheaper on the day to day banking charges. Good luck to all of you in your pursuit of justice, will catch up soon.
  6. Go for it the more annoying the better sent them a fair few faxes myself and left plenty of messages on all the numbers never actually got through to anyone when I phoned but must have added to their voice mail quite considerably .
  7. Thanks, Will probably have it paid into my account then move it on wont hav eto wait for the cheque to clear, never can tell with HSBC it might bounce, then I would have to charge them .
  8. Thanks Lattie, mrs gordy was over the moon, she never really believed that we would get the money back, but she did start to wonder after the first offer and then realised it was a distinct possibility after the second offer. Then after my exploits with the judgment button thought that I had cocked it all up. Then when I showed her the letter from DG yesterday she asked if I wanted steak for dinner and an early night...............!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Then I woke up. Ha Ha Ha.....only joking on the last bit. p.s pm'd a mod earlier too.
  9. Yes, send it to mcol at Northampton it is where all the claims are delt with until it gets allocated to your local court, at the hearing stage if it gets that far. Their address is: The Court Manager Money Claim Online Northampton County Court, 21-27 ST Katherine's Street, Northampton, NN1-2LH. You have to address all your correspondance to the Court Manager and make sure you always quote your claim number. Phone Number for MCOL is 0845 6015935. To speed it up you can fax them as well on 0845 6015889. Always send all mail recorded delivery.
  10. p.s. you can get a template for the mp letter in the templates section now.
  11. Hannah, just stick to the timetable calender days not working Always count from the date you send the letter not when you think they should have received it, then after 14 days continue to the next stage. Good luck with the claim, not that you'll need it as they will pay eventually. Also try and e-mail your local mp. Maleo did this and it certainly helped when she wrote a letter to HSBC on his behalf.
  12. Very fortunate me thinks, sorry mammie considering myself told off will go up to my room now and laugh my head off at winning, cant wait to see my next statement :grin: .
  13. Yes, send DG a copy of your schedule of charges and send the court 3 copies. Bombard DG with these on a regular basis by post e-mail and keep phoning them to get yourself to the top of the pile. "BE A PEST"
  14. It certainly is, and you will be very soon too microdotster, Sent off my first letter on the 21/12/2006. was a bit unsure at the start, but when I joined this site it sort of empowers you and give you the confidence to deal with this and to get your loot back off the looters that are the banks. Good luck with your cliam where are you at the mo with yours?
  15. Netty, I am just going to cross out the confidentiality bit and the agree to no more charges bit and send back their letter. Unless anyone else says otherwise. Still got big silly smiley grin face .
  16. Cheers guys a great day yesterday, now just need to cross out all the garbage about the confidentiality and the agreeing not to make further claims. Might tell them that I will agree to no further claims against my account, if they agree not to make any further UNLAWFUL charges , will also offer my silence for a small fee . Ha,Ha,Ha.
  17. Get in there. full offer received. Arrived home today saw the letter from DG and thought it would be about the judgment. Imagine my surprise it was a full offer from 6 years from the date of my claim with mcol. . Gobsmacked I think at this moment. Will certainly make a donation to this site as soon as funds are in acccount. Mam Lattie, Sis Netty "A GREAT BIG THANK YOU" and to all the others who have helped me along the way. WHEY HEY, PAY DAY, THANKS HSBC .
  18. netty, congrats well done. got my full offer today as well . bet your cheesy grin is as big as mine :D:D
  19. hi all, must say this f**k, f**k, f**k. received a letter today from mcol which said that my case had gone to the district judge for direction, it would then take 3-4 weeks till they receive it back. I have involuntarily given dg and hsbc an extra month's grace on my claim, still will make sure that I receive the extra months interest at 8% if they decide to prolong the agony. Still p****d off though.
  20. this is my 1st claim, have one more to start with the AA after this one though .
  21. Only my 1st claim, have one more to start with the AA after this one though.
  22. Harvest, hayden is a legend and so are many others on this site, must say i'm glad they are on our side and not hsbc's or dg's. Don't worry about feeling a cheat everybody on this site are more than happy to share their knowledge and experience to do battle against the banks. Makes us happy when another successful cagger gets their money . They've had it far to easy for far too long bring on the claims. Also a good little savings account that the banks kept hidden from us till now, where else would you get 8% interest (if it gets to court) for all them years .
  23. my thoughts exactly netty, cheers harvest, just gets annoying when you think your nearly at the top of the hill then see another hill when you do get to the top. It is all quite straight forward just make sure you read loads and follow the stages and stick to your timescales and the cash is yours
  24. AAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! idiot, idiot, idiot, idiot etc...etc.....etc..... Right rang the court yesterday morning (sorry taken so long for this post) and I asked about the judgment being removed and that I had filed an n244 form requesting this. Was told by them that they had received it and it was sent to the district judge on the 19/02/07, it will take about 2 weeks until they receive it back (this is only to have the judgment removed). Therefore my claim has been frozen until this happens :-x:-x . He shoots he scores (own goal). I can't believe it talk about helping DG to delay my claim, the acknowledgment date expired yesterday, so I would have been on the next stage by now or may have been able to press for judgment. But no stupid Homer "gordy" Simpson put a spanner in the nuclear power plant, dohhhhhh!
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