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  1. Lol, silly Piers Morgan me, got to carried away in the moment, sent signed letter today and fax sent also, wait for post tomorrow and keep checking account :-| .
  2. Nice work liz, go for it do the +6 years and get the rest back :D:D .
  3. Nothing as yet , was hoping for it to be paid into my account, I will give them a ring now to have a chat with their answerphone. One thing though sent my own acceptance letter back, didnt sign it . hope this won't affect it although i am going to send another signed and also fax a copy.
  4. Now you have sent off your lba, you might receive a letter from colin langdale saying they are looking into it, however this will be reffering to your prelim letter, you will probably get a response to your lba with a measely offer after you file with mcol. This is probably due to his workload . Just stick to your schedule, if you have been looking around this site for some time you should be fairly clued up already.
  5. Paul, it wont get to court so no need to worry. The 8% interest is added at mcol time not yet. At this stage you are just claiming your charges back. You will however get to add the interest as they rarely full offer before mcol. Think of this as a savings account that you never knew you had with 8% interest . Just do your homework by reading threads on this site and you will find most questions you have will be answered. If not just ask and you will be answered.
  6. DONT press the button though if it says anything along the lines of defendant admits all monies owed or something along those lines. I did and it put a bit of a spanner in the works.
  7. Paul, you wont need luck just time and patience. welcome to the fray .
  8. Not sure about that, But just start the countdown from the date you sent your letter (calender days lol). This applies to all your letters you send. So when you send your prelim letter after 14 days you would proceed to the next stage and so on. As netty says it is an absolute doddle getting your cash back. Just keep on reading and asking. KNOWLEDGE IS POWER .
  9. p.s. if you do need to phone the courts first. They will point you along the right lines
  10. relax, deep breath, did it include all charges up until present ? if it did then I would leave it as it is because dg will just remove any charges over 6 years from the date of the mcol when they make you an offer. Otherwise you can contact the court and change the amounts, however this will cost you £35 hope this helps.
  11. Hi all, just won against HSBC am now going for the abbey. My problem I had my account over 6 years ago and left after they really s*r*w*d me over and gave me a managed loan to pay off their charges, b*****ds. So I am thinking about a 6 year plus claim as some have done with HSBC. Anyone done so with abbey? Is there any threads anyone can recommend me to follow/ read up on about this. thanks.
  12. Tesco or Morrisons? Time to start a claim perhaps? plenty of help on this site .
  13. lol, got the trophy for keeps, now time to save up for a matching pair
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