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  1. Thanks alot Martin and muggins, this advice is really helpfull. I have now sent away my data protection to the abbey, and also data protection to two other credit card companys. Having read this forum it seems abbey are not playing ball and really stalling people and bullying them more than others!!
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    Hi there This is just the thread I have been looking for!!! I am about to start my process against a few credit card companies that I also defaulted on and settled through debt collection agencies at 80% or 90% of the balance. I was unsure how to proceed but am going for it anyway. I have moved address so will have to provide id etc for BOTH addresses when I send my Data Request. I will be watching with interest.... have you had any response from EGG. Hope you boil them... Clarkey
  3. Does anyone know if i can claim charges back? My cousins father also settled his debts with his credit and loan companys, he used a solicitor who contacted them and told them that this was how much money he had and they would have to accept it rather than paying the full amount he owed and i was wondering would he have a leg to stand on as well as the charges at the time were horrific from the companys before he got the solicitor?
  4. Sorry i think you have misunderstood, they didn't settle with me for 80% of the charges, i mean that i was in debt they offered to close my accounts if i paid 80% of the total money i owed to them. so i signed an agreement to pay them 80% of the total money i owed them. What i'm wondering is can i claim back any charges that they hit me with before i settled the account with each credit card company.
  5. Thanks, What terms are they?
  6. Hi Everyone, i've just joined this account after my cousin won against the halifax. I want to take on the shabbeynational!! I have a major question, i settled with my other credit cards a few years ago for 80% of the final amount after getting into a bit of financial trouble. Can i go after any of them for charegs even though we made this agreement?
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