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  1. Been told today that 40 day is actually 8 weeks plus additional days for holidays - now thats timewasting.
  2. I phoned the consumer complaints depy of BOS today and was told that they were ignoring my request for account details in 7day and that they had in law 40 days to respond. This was not 40 days in human terms but 8 weeks plus 4 days for holidays. Can they do this or is this yet anoth way to encourage me to "bog off"?
  3. As the laws differ in scotland have you an archive that helps spesifically Scottish (even though English by birth) claimants?
  4. When contacting my bank HBOS 2 queiries have arisen 1. They claim to have 40 days to give me details of my charges over the past 5years (a) can they simply ignor the 7 day notice already sent to them and (b) how are these days calculated the consumer complaints dept:? said they had no legal obligation to furnish these for 8 weeks or 56 days plus 4 days for the holidays. Can anybody help?? 2. I have been informed that the amount that can be claimed in the small claim courts in Scotland is a maximum of £750 as my claim is many times this can I make multiple claims on the same day? I hope somebody out there can help
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