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  1. no I'm sorry I don't, it was done with the help of another forum, in a hidden form so the enemy couldn't see ;-)
  2. me neither lol how long will I wait? Will they have to inform the court if they want to discontinue the claim?
  3. 33 days tomorrow and so far I've heard nothing.......
  4. Andy when does the 28 days go from??? When I file my defence or 33 days from the date of the claim? thanks
  5. thanks Andy I have a loan account statement from Lloyds dated 2008 which shows the last payment made by me was Feb 2007 I shall keep it in reserve for now
  6. I will be logging on today and having a check I think they have until 29th January 2015
  7. UPDATE.... Nothing from the court or Lowells However a letter dropped on my door mat yesterday from Lloyds, it appears they are upholding the complaint I made back in November last year. The PPI they DID'NT pay back against the account will now be paid to me by cheque!!!!! RESULT!!!!!! YAY!!!!!! Now just have to wait and see what happens with the Lowells lot
  8. another angle to use is to try and remember how you used to pay the account. D/D, cheque, debit card?? Then check either your online banking or old bank statements to see if you can find the last payments. Or even contact your bank Just a thought
  9. I also have a letter from the insurance folks at Lloyds, it's regarding a complaint I made in January 2007. It's actually an offer letter, basically saying they agree as a gesture of good will to refund the PPI AGAINST the account, including the interest. So that would be £2934.40 PLUS interest. It goes on to say at no time do they accept liability of any wrong doing....... I signed and returned the form, they didn't repay the PPI, the statement quite clearly showing that..... very interesting lol
  10. After spending an evening in the loft I'm feeling very confident! I discovered a loan statement from Lloyds dated 28 February 2008 It quite clearly shows the last payment as 1st February 2007......... It also shows that they DID NOT pay back the PPI against the account, it was £2934.40 all very interesting I think! I complained about the PPI being paid back against the account in November, but it appears it was not even set off against the loan!!! Naughty Lloyds!!!!
  11. from when you last made a payment. we had a ruling last year at county court where 2 judges on separate days agreed that the date was the one when the customer made his/her last payment against the account we won, Moon Beever solicitors/First Credit lost! it was TSB by around 6 years and 6 weeks
  12. Well 14 days and nothing!!!! How long do they have to reply? How long before the court will stay the case? thanks
  13. I received a letter from the court, they received my acknowledgement of service and defence. So just a case of sitting and seeing what BWs next move will be
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