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  1. Hiya Thanks for all your help on this. Unfortunately my husband had his meeting yesterday and his employer decided that, following his extended probationary period, they were no longer going to continue his employment and he was to have his employment terminated with immediate effect. The reason they gave was that he did not meet the Action Plan that he was given. Now, when he had a meeting to extend his probationary period in March, he got a letter saying that he would get an Action Plan. He got the Action Plan on Friday last week. How was he meant to have fulfilled the criteria of the Action Plan in the space of what was basically 2 days? I understand that unfair dismissal can usually only be undertaken once an employee has been there for 1 year or more, but there are exceptional circumstances. I am not sure as to what is classed as an "exceptional circumstance". Do you think it's worth us looking into it? Thanks again for your help.
  2. Hiya Thanks for your reply and for clearing up the matter on the probationary period extension. What happened with you? Were you able to maintain your role after your extension? I'll try to clarify: Yes, they brought a new Manager in over my husband but he was never told about this, which as you can understand got my husband agitated when the new Manager came in and started telling my husband and his staff what to do. My husband has put forward a plan to sort the problem of hours out of the lad who works for him (My husband is IT Manager and has two staff - he has also requested more staff as three people is just not enough to cover the workload they have - they cannot let him have someone permanently full-time but are sending people for 2-3 weeks at a time from their European office to work on specific IT projects to help lessen the workload). He suggested that the company pay the young lad up till the end of last year for the hours he is over but they won't. He has been put in an impossible position. I for one cannot understand why the company let this lad run up his hours so much in the two and a half years prior to my husband starting with the company. Now I feel my husband is being penalised for this? As far as I am aware my husband IS doing the job to the best of his ability, but is being set impossible targets such as the matter of reducing staff hours when the workload is beyond belief. As for the office move, he was just told he'd got to move the Customer Service Manager's desks/computers and that was it and he was told he'd got to do it that day (you see, again, severe lack of communication within the company) and wasn't given a plan at all. He only has one week left now before he finds out whether or not he keeps his job so not sure that the probationary action plan which he should have got at the beginning of April will be much use. And he has been applying for other jobs, but obviously with things the way they are at the moment, there isn't an awful lot about and so many people are applying for the same job it's not easy. Thanks for your reply.
  3. Hi everyone, This is the first time I have posted on here and would welcome any advice as I am concerned about my husband's future position with this employer. Sorry if I waffle on a bit. Am worried about hubby's job. Well it all sounds a bit dodgy all round to me... Hubby started a new job on 1st October last year (3 month's after he had been made redundant) with a 6 month probationary period. Then they brought a new bloke in 3 weeks before his probationary period was up who is (apparently) over hubby - they never told hubby about this or anything and of course he got quite agitated by this new bloke telling his staff what to do because he didn't know that he (as Manager) and his staff were reporting to this new bloke instead of the M.D. now (severe lack of communication within the company). So him and this new bloke didn't exactly get off on the right foot. The new bloke was the one that requested a 2-month extension on hubby's probation saying that he had 2 months to improve in these four various areas or he could face dismissal. Anyway, they seem to have got a better working relationship now but everything seems to land at hubby's feet. Anything that goes wrong, it's his dept's fault - every time. Can they just extend his probationary period just like that? They also don't get paid overtime but get time off in lieu - except one chap (hubby has two staff under him) has been there 3 years and already run up about 200 hours overtime and the company are getting on to hubby's back about it saying that he needs to reduce staff hours but still get the work done (when he has a project list as long as his arm) - this was part of the requirements within his new probationary period as well. So it's almost as if he is being penalised for the hours that this lad ran up before hubby even started there. He's been told to sort it out. He suggested they pay him for the overtime up to the end of last year and then start afresh, but they won't have any of it. He's got to get this lad to take some time off (which they can't afford to do time-wise) or come up with another plan. But every problem there is it always seems to be his dept's fault because all the printing stuff runs on computers and if the computers go wrong then everything goes t*ts up but there is just no respite at all. Like yesterday, he had to do an office move, but had no instructions as to what to do, not even a rough sketch. He was there till 7pm last night doing what he thought was right (which meant he didn't get home till 8pm so saw the kids for about 30 minutes yesterday) and apparently it was wrong anyway so he was having to re-do it this morning - another example of the bad communication but you can bet your life his dept will get the blame. Even I have been applying for jobs just in case he loses his job (seeings as everything seems stacked against him) - even some woman who has come from a European branch (who we think is the MD's bit on the side) to help out for a couple of months has been slagging hubby off behind his back apparently. Anyway, he was supposed to get a Probationary Period Action Plan and didn't get that, and he was meant to have a catch-up/progress meeting with his "new" manager at the end of April and that didn't happen. Trouble is, we didn't have job loss mortgage insurance when he got made redundant last year so I was determined that when he got a job I would make sure we took it out, but because he is on a probationary period nobody will cover for it anyway. He's too much a "high risk" at the minute. So if he loses his job, we've got about 2 months to find another one (with the money we have to manage on) else we're going to be in dire straits and to be perfectly honest, the worry is keeping me awake at night. I can't help feeling that he's been made a scapegoat for all the company's uselessness and I'm not sure if they can just extend his probationary period just like that? Sorry I've got side-tracked a bit and just wondered where we stand. He's been there 8 months at the end of this month. Any advice welcome. Thanks.
  4. Yeah the original claim was for £460 - that was about £420 plus 8% interest. Then I paid £50 court fees to make the claim. So that makes it £510 and Halifax credited my account with £530. What I am confused about is that I only spoke to the court on Monday or Tuesday (29th or 30th Oct) and they said that a stay had been put on it - I told her I hadn't had the paperwork to confirm that - so she was going to reissue the paperwork for me then, and my credit card statement is also dated 29th Oct also with the £530 credit on it.
  5. Hiya I don't know quite what has gone on tbh. I spoke to the court the other day and they said it had been stayed. Then I got my credit card statement today with the £530 credit on it. Nothing in advance to say that I would be getting it, nothing from the court, no warning. I am a little confuddled.
  6. UPDATE I spoke to MCOL and they said that my claim had been stayed. But I just had my credit card statement today and they've credited me with £530 for overpaid fees (even though I reckoned they only owed me £460)! I am, as you can imagine, pretty happy with this. Do you think I can get my money back from the court now its not going through court?
  7. Ohhh that's not friendly. I will contact MCOL and the court to see what is happening. THanks very much for your help.
  8. OK - maybe I am being thick. What is blanket stay? What does it mean?
  9. OK - Northampton County Court - which is where the claim is being dealt with, is proceeding as normal. Leicestershire County Court (where I am) is that the situation is unclear. So do I ring Northants County Court to see what is happening next?
  10. Yeah the letter is almost the same as the others. After reading that entire thread though, I feel seriously out of my depth. Am not sure what to do next? Do I ring the court that has been allocated to the case which is Northants, yet I am in Leicester. I am really, really, very confused.:?
  11. Yes, Halifax have defended their claim. I've had a letter from their solicitors basically saying that they are defending it and they won't be paying me any money cause they don't owe me anything. And I've had a letter off of the court with a copy letter of the same letter attached. Not sure what happens now? I thought the court were supposed to send me a form of some sort?
  12. Right - Halifax charged me £420 - I have had to taken them to court and they have submitted their defence saying that the account is subject to terms and conditions blah blah blah. In the meantime with all this going on they offered me first £150 (which I rejected and then started court proceedings) and they then (after court proceedings had commenced) offered me £300 but I wrote back and told them I was already pursuing it through small claims court - if they were in the right surely they would have no reason to offer me the £300? Anyway I see from info on here that the court will send me an allocations questionnaire. What is this all about? Also would it be sensible to let the court know that Halifax have already offered me £300? Thanks.
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