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  1. Ok so im sending off my letter today to ask for a cca. I dont know how far to push it with my creditors though, I didnt know whether to look at bank charges and also the PPI insurance to? Should I do one thing at a time or hit them with everything? I just dont want to put my DMP in trouble Thanks Em
  2. Thanks for moving mr worrieds thread, he might get more response that way! Well im going to send off cca's tomorrow. Im also looking into reclaiming some bank charges, just fed up with how the banks treat you, ignore letters, pass you around to different departments. I know its my debt at the end of the day but they dont make it easy for you Emx
  3. Thanks for that, I will look into the CCA's then on that link. I will keep you posted how I get on. Thanks Em:)
  4. Hi Everyone, im new! Well ive been on a dmp for the last 2 years, reducing my debts from £18,500 to £11,500. Ive been working two jobs for as long as i can remeber to try and clear my debts. However 2 months ago I came into £5,500 through some inheritance money and I though great wow can get my life on track, do some full and final settlement letters and get debt free...Wrong :? I have debts with, Lloyds Tsb (card and loan), Egg (card and loan), hitchai capital and also a small one with a dca. I wrote letters to everyone and only hitchai replied saying they had accpeted my offer (5
  5. Hiya, got my charges back from Ikano finance, only £20 but i could do with it lol. Got the letter before action letter but not sure what the schedule of charges is? if anyone could help that would be great Thanks Em
  6. Right pulling my finger out today, getting my paperwork straight as it is my day off and claiming for my dam charges! LLoyds have messed me around alot lately and harrasing me but thats a different matter. Luckily for me i live in lincoln and there was article in the paper this week regarding the judge not accepting Lloyds messing around saying they will go to court when they clearly arent. So first things first i need to get a copy of my statements for my current account and credit card. Emx;)
  7. Right finally got a list of transactions back from my new look card. Its only £20 but they said they will not refund it back to me. Im still going to chase for it cuz at the end of the day £20 is £20 and to me thats a weeks worth of petrol! So next step..LBA?
  8. Thankyou so much. If i get these charges back for all my accounts if will pay one of my creditors off on my DMP so it all helps. There are some great posts on here, ive spent all morning reading instead of doing work oops Thanks Again x
  9. Hi, feeling abit stressed today after more conversations with Creation and lloyds tsb regarding moving payment dates and fees and it effecting my DMP. Anyway I have got a list of charges from my statements of £80- the original amount i had on the card was £58 but it has now doubled becuase of that. Can anyone help me with the interest side of things please, feeling abit confused as some people are charging on the APR the card companys charge? I have read through the steps but just feel clueless! Hope you can help me Em:-?
  10. Hi Not sure if this is the right place to post but can you claim back cash advance handling fees? Thanks in Advance
  11. Thanks for your help, I have written to them today qouting times when i have spoken to call centre staffe etc. They said they wont change the date becuase i am in arrears but i argued that i will always be in arrears becuase the amount i pay is less due to the DMP and becuase its paid on the 25th of the month it will be late- they want payment on the 23rd. All other creditors have been extremely helpful with payment dates so now its payback time, i want the charges refunded. I have read the information as i am also got a case with LLoyds Tsb but wasnt sure if it was different with
  12. fiery_leo1984


    Hi there, to cut a long story short i am on a debt management plan and becuase some companys wont change payment dates etc i am getting screwed for late charges and on one store card the charges have doubled the amount i now owe. I have written to Creation Financial Services today (Ann Summers card ) asking them again to change my payment date becuz of my plan and i cant afford to keep paying charges but i would also like to claim them back. Where do i start? I have statements so know what charges they are, its not much £60 but every little helps. Thanks in advance Em
  13. Hi Everyone, after reading through this site and on advice from the CCCS i am going forward and pursueing my bank charges. I need every penny i can get to put towards my DMP. I have made the first step by writing my letter asking for my a list of charges or statements (i used the template from this site) with my £10 fee. I am going to claim for current account and credit card as they keep charging me late payments etc etc. So will keep posted and look forward to the figure from the statements. Em:)
  14. Hi there, Im looking to reclaim some bank charges with both current account and credit cards! I have just got a new job at a travel agents, i shouldnt have taken it really cuz i cant afford to but hey thats life! Hope to find this site really useful Emmax
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