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  1. Congratulations Sue!! Happy spending! Kelly
  2. The Office of Fair Trading: OFT launches test case on unauthorised overdraft charges They did tell everyone, but the BBC etc. can't have thought it was newsworthy. Good luck with your claim, Kelly
  3. Given the opportunity, I would make sure the judge saw the letter. It is evidence of blatant disregard for the court system and bullying the claimant. Surely they could have submitted that as the defence rather than wasting the courts time? Then again, nothing surprises me when it comes to Nationwide buying more time. Chin up, you'll get your money....eventually. I'd start prepping a court bundle, just in case. Good luck, Kelly
  4. Thanks for the heads up Emma. I'm glad you got it sorted. Also, there was (allegedly) a major Solo/Switch problem last week that caused lots of ghost payments to be debited from people's accounts. There were numerous people who shopped at various stores affected according to the customer adviser at my bank. I noticed it last Saturday but the bank weren't aware of it at the time. They gave me my statement and sent me off to Marks and Sparks to get a refund thinking they too had debited my account twice so I was quite vocal about it to the manager. Especially when he implied that I might be trying to rip them off for £13 When the bank admitted the real reason for the extra debit I had to go and eat humble pie at M & S. I'm still not convinced that they believed me. And to think I used to laugh at people who kept their cash under their mattress!
  5. Good thinking Smartellie - I guess the hint is in the name. That would kill two birds with one stone, but it would also limit Giggs to using his local county court as I don't think you could fit all the reserved rights in MCOL PoCs. K.
  6. Hi Mescalero, IMO unauthorized overdraft interest & charges can and should be included in your claim along with your returned DD fees if the only reason your overdraft existed was because of the unlawful charges. I'm not sure which spreadsheet you are using but I used this spreadsheet which has a column for the interest unlike the simple version. Filling out the spreadsheet gave me a headache but it was worth it in the end! K.
  7. Hiya! Data Protection - when and how to complain. If you still want to have your S.A.R enforced by the court you can file your claim using either MCOL or your local county court (someone correct me if I'm wrong), using these Particulars of Claim K.
  8. Just select the text from the original post, then click on the speech bubble on the reply window tool bar. quote appears twice in these: [] type of brackets. Paste your pre-copied text in between the two words.
  9. I'm sorry to be the one to say it, but it seems to me that BANKSMART are taking you for a ride. Most claims have been started and settled in 4 months, or are at least in the final stages. Are you emailing BANKSMART or Nationwide? Either way, they have 40 days to comply with the S.A.R - (Subject Access Request). If that is BANKSMART's response then their legal expertise is questionable. If the 40 days have passed then you can file a claim for Data Protection Act Non-Compliance Details of this process can be found here:Step-By-Step Instructions section 1 I wouldn't know what to do about the company though. Lesson learned perhaps?.... Embark on your other claims yourself? I'd certainly tell them that you are aware that they are not providing you with the services they claim to. You never know, they might pull their finger out. Have you parted with any money yet? This thread might also be useful: Claiming through a company to get charges back what a nightmare And as for the Bank of Scotland..... I haven't got the foggiest without searching. Are any of the companies part of their group? Sorry I can't offer any solid advice.
  10. Hiya, Whether its a large or small amount, its still your money. Go for it.... the full £60. Hold off court if you have any more pending charges until they are debited from your account. You can then add them on too. If not, file your claim ASAP. Good luck! K.
  11. Have you had a letter from NW confirming your refund yet? They refunded pending interest charges and returned DD fees that were due to be taken out of my account. Aren't they kind, refunding something that they hadn't yet taken. It may well be the case for you too. Wait and see. If they don't, its round two for you. K.
  12. Here speaks the link god with a knowing Go on, do tell... Discovered it purely by accident here... but is it drag and drop the link? K.
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