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  1. Thanks gary for your reply I struggled yesterday and Had to go out so I was not able to receive your reply. My dead line was for today I was pushing it fine I know Anyway I had already filled in my AQ when I received payment So I have taken a bit of a gamble and just added on to section H that the defendant had made a part payment of £2004.11 and that there was stll and oustanding balance of £xxx.xx left to pay. If this is not good enough do you think I should write a letter to the court and take it in tommorow and ask it to be attached to my AQ. This just goes to show ho
  2. thank yu very much I thought i would be using the LBA just wasnt sure as they had made that payment of £96 whether I would have to write something different. I will send of LBA and rejection letter then thanks once again
  3. Hi I have started a claim for my sister against capital one I sent the prem letter of and she recieved a letter back of capital one saying they would only refund £96 as this is the difference since she opened the account when she was charged orginally £20 and the figure they charge now of £12.00 on late payment fees. Im now about to send her LBA but am not sure what to put do I need to quote anything about the OFT statement and how the £12 is only guidline and no a certainty. Can anyone please help with regards to the LBA thanks
  4. Sechiari, Clark & Mitchell Department SO PO Box 499 Upper Ground Floor 1-5 Queens Road Quandrant Brighton BN1 3XJ In the Preston County Court xxxxxxxxx-v-Lloyds TSB Plc Claim Number: xxxxxxxx Dear Sir/Madam Thank you for your letter dated 27 February 2007. The offer of payment contained in the letter is welcome, but only represents part settlement of my claim. Accordingly I have to decline the offer for the following reason. With regards to your clients payment of £750 on the 3 January 2007 this sum was deducted from my claim before I filed in court
  5. If it had been paid before I had started court proceedings then yes it would be more fine. But as I have already startd proceedings there is a short fall now off £618 First letter Sent was asking for charges to be paid back of £2520 Recieved payment of £750 this leaving a total to claim for of £1770 But then I commenced court proceedings with interest added on top £1770 + £732.73intrest =£2502.73 plus £120 court Fee £2622.73 Then I recieved a payment of £2004.11 £2622.73 - £2004.11 = a short fall of £618.62 Can any one please give advice on what sort of
  6. Hi I have decided to send in AQ for the outstanding amount but can someone please help with regards to whether I inform the court or not that a part payment has been made and what sort of letter should I send to S&M with regards to accepting the payment as part settlement and informing them that they have callculated there figures wrong. Id just like a rough idea wht to put if possible as im not very good with legal things
  7. can anyone please help with the above question?
  8. hi Barty Thanks for replying I claimed for overdfraft usage fee unpaid DD fee unpaid CHQ fee unpaid S/O fee that was all I claimed for I didnt add any thing else because I didnt want to mke things complicated for myself the only thing I can think is they are trying to get out of paying the 8% interest. this is the only thing i can think it could be will I stillbe able to go ahead for the outstanding I havent sent in my AQ yet i have had to wait know till very last minute because of this so Ill have to take it in now on Monday first thing as I have still not had a call ba
  9. Any advice Please!! received this letter of S&M this morning with regards to money going in to account. we refer to the above matter and can confirm that our client will be settling in the above claim by crediting your bank account within the next three working days for the sum of £2004.11, a our client advises that they have already refunded £750.00 i to you bank account on 03/01/07. You are advised at this stage that by our client meeting your claim on this occasion, this is not to be treated in anyway as an admission of liability. This is merely an attempt to resolve the mat
  10. hi Just to let you know have not received a letter yet telling me how they came to the £2004 figure so I phoned the solicitors where some woman took my details and I was told someone would ring back guess what I am still waiting for the return phone call anyway Ill be phoning again in the morning and if I get fobbed off again it will be down to the court with my AQ and my letter of rejection off to llyods.
  11. OH MY GOD Ive just spent all night filling in my AQ and just checked my lloyds account and there is £2004 been credit to my account. It is short of what I was asking for which is £2627. My AQ is due back at the court by monday 5th could someone please advise what I do now as It my sound greedy but I still want the other £600 do I phone the solictors and ask for the rest can some one please advise as taking off the £120 court fees that means they have given me £1884 any advice please
  12. Hi anne I would send a letter before action to them and then carry on with proceedings as you have been in contact with them. This is what I would do but maybe wait for someone with a bit more experience to advise Good luck
  13. thanks garys One more stupid question for the witness I know I put my own name in put what would I put to witness to which facts This will teach me trying to fill out a form when Im tired cos I know these are probably stupid questions but I cant seem to get my head round i tonight
  14. thanks you have been great. just sometimes I need a little guidance to make ure Im doing things right thanks again
  15. HELP PLEASE I need some help on filling out my AQ I received an N150. After reading all the information about the new directions for AQ and How to fill in the AQ im a bit stuck. If ive understood it properly then I attach the directions to section F however when looking at section F there are two boxes that need to be filled in Have you attached a list of the directions you think appopriate for the management of this claim to the I take it I tick yes ? but the second question is where i have the query do I need to phone lloyds solictors to inform them about this or just ti
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