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  1. On saturday i received my offer letter from natwest. The strange part is i claimed for £100 and they have offered me £614. All the details are correct regards my account details, address etc. What should i do next, ive checked the letter and the part im supposed to sign and both state " We offer you £614 " so on. Thanks, D.
  2. Ive sent natwest 2 letters, the most recent on the 21st of may, still no reply. What should i do ? NatWest Customer Relations 225 Shenley Road Borehamwood Hertfordshire WD6 1BR 21st May 2007 LETTER BEFORE ACTION Dear Sir/Madam, ACCOUNTS NUMBER: ******* I am very disappointed that you have failed to respond to my previous letter. I now understand that the regime of 'fees' which you have been applying to my account in relation to direct debit refusals, exceeding overdraft limits and so forth are unlawful at Common Law, Statute
  3. They take there sweet time dont they ! ok, ill cary on waiting.
  4. Still no answer from capital one, what should i do ?
  5. Thanks for the advice, ill keep it in mind ! Sent the statement request letter today. Legal Compliance Specialist Capital One Bank (Europe) PLC Trent House Station Street Nottingham NG2 3HX 9th May 2007 Data Protection Act 1998 Subject Access Request Dear Sir/Madam ACCOUNT NUMBER: Please supply me with a complete list of transactions and charges relating to my banking history with your organization. Alternatively, a complete set of statements for that period will be acceptable. Additional
  6. I am about to chase charges on my capital one account and try for removal of my default. Statement request will be sent tommorow, i will be posting updates here. DH
  7. Recently i won a claim against Halifax for charges on my account. I also received a default notice and wondered if it was possible to get this lifted atall ?
  8. Ok ill do that today, thanks for this. I just want to get it sorted as the ammount of pressure and hassle they are causing is really stressful and i find it effects every day life including my job and time with my girlfriend. Thanks DJ.
  9. Thanks for the welcome. I have read the forums as much as i could, but without sounding stupid i could do with some one who has had success to tell me what to do. Reason being im only 20 and im very daunted and to be honest, scared with the issued threats etc. Thanks again.
  10. Well here we go, after recently receiving a default notice on my capital one account i started to seek advice. I found this site and realised its the place to start posting. The situation is, i have a capital one credit card with £500 agreed limit. They have issued me with numerous late payment charges and interest taking the balance to £700. They have also recently issued me with a default and threatened they would pass my debt to a recovery agency. I would like to sort this before it happens. Where do i start please ! DJ
  11. Hi, i found this site whilst browsing google for some financial advised. So far the site has helped me claim £640 from natwest and a further £340 from halifax. I am finding it hard dealing with my current financial situation, i have a number of companies which i owe money and its making it very hard to last the month. Here is a quick run down of my history. Capital One credit card £600 Owed Halifax Student Current account £1261 Owed ( Waiting for the £340 charges to be refunded ) Natwest - Nothing Owed A&L - £2700 Owed. Only today i thought back to when i w
  12. Hi, im new here. I noticed this site is jam packed with useful information and very helpful members so i thought id try and post to get some advice. Basically heres the situation im in: I have had a lot of charges on my natwest account over the past year that i have been with them. Total ammounts im unsure about at the moment. At the start of december i posted a letter to my local branch of natwest, asking them to refund unautherised overdraft charges and other charges taken out of my account. I had no reply to this letter. After this one i sent another one about mid december. Again
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