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  1. Hi All Unfortunately I do not think that Essex and Suffolk were responsible for this 'old' pipe, or according to them they were not. If this is the case then I don't think I can make any claim from them. My other course of action could be the that this leak was reported several years ago and not found and many of my neighbours have had to do work to their gardens to accommodate for the leak. Is this something that could be another idea? Thanks
  2. Hi, I thought that may be the case. I may look at another avenue, regarding the same issue but I am sure the end result will be the same. This issues has affected the properties for years in this area, I put in a drain away pipe 7 years ago due to what I was told was a natural spring. Therefore, they have been aware for numerous years of the issue, so I may pressure them on this or at least push them for taking so long to find. I will request a copy of the investigation report, any suggestions of how to do this, or just ask? Once again thanks for your help.
  3. HI all, thanks for the replies, I have found what I believe to suit my needs in the Water Act, where the 'undertaker/supplier is responsible for compensation' (currently I have lost the exact section etc) . However, after asking ES Water for a more in depth description they have emailed to following. "I can confirm that the leak was escaping from an old private supply pipe. We identified a private connection in Kingfisher Crescent that was supplying this pipe. We disconnected the pipe, but I can advise that we do not have any knowledge of who is responsible for this private pipe. It is our understanding that your estate is a relatively new estate built upon old estate/garages. It would appear that this pipe was never disconnected. We identified that it was over 100 metres long and surfaced on Kingfisher Crescent. This pipe was not connected to any current property and ran between the garden borders of Falcon Close and Kingfisher Crescent. As we have previously advised, we are not responsible for private pipework and having reviewed the extensive investigation which we undertook during 2018, every effort was made on our part to locate and resolve" Is this a lost cause, as the pipe belongs to no one? Thanks
  4. Thanks for the reply. I have had a good look through the act and I am unable to find if I can claim compensation for the damage to my property from the water company. I can see it for pipe laying, being cut off, if a leak on my land and its effects others, my responsibilities, but not if I can claim for water damage from leaking highway mains pipes. (albeit over time). I am starting this claim now but don't want to get several emails and letters deep if I can simply quote the water suppliers responsibilities from the act. It may be that the 'language' is not 100% clear to me, still reading in hope....
  5. High as per title above, for the last year or so Anglian water have been trying and failing to find a leak effecting my property. It has now been traced to a faulty pipe in the road, Anglian water are claiming this leak may be due to incorrectly shut of pipes by property developers, with the leak appearing over some time 20 years???. My front garden was like a swamp and fencing has rotted away and needs replacing, sections of my drive way have cracked. I am also concerned that now fixed, the water that has been present to the side of my house could cause subsidence. Can I claim for damage and potential damage, from Anglian water? Advice is very welcome
  6. Hello, thanks for the responses, the December 2011 error came from us, we assumed that as last payment into the scheme was Dceemebr 2011, then we would be fine for the shares. It then transpired that the actual maturity date was Feb 2012. I have sent an email asking for the T&C's of the Sharesave and I will be asking my wife to call the company who runs the Sharesave. It seems to me that it will be based on the T&C's, are we able to sell what we have of the shares despite not reaching the maturity date, then liable for Cap gains tax. If not an email from the company says that as the shares have been purchased, they will re sell them and the money goes back into the company, with us getting what we paid in. Not sure how this will go.
  7. Hello, My wife was basically bullied out of work and we came to an agreement with the aid of solicitor to a pay out, compromise agreement signed. One part of the CA was that sharesave maturing Dec 2011 were to remain uneffected, but they actually matured in Feb 2012. The issue is that my wifes official leaving date was 20th Jan 2012, so the company have said that she is only entitled to here money back they stated that HMRC does not allow it. But she is fully paid up and I have read that she can still excerise her option but will not be due the Tax free element. This could be worth £2k to us and we really need it. Is this the case, any advice very welcome, our solicitior has not been at all helpfull in this part of the matter. Ta
  8. Update - they are playing very dirty, IVF is just a few days away and whilst they are offering higher numbers regularly it is still not where can afford to be and they are really pushing my wife and pressuring her. We have been seeking advice from the solicitor and have offered the company a full and final settlementafter an initial higher approach, with which we would be reasonably happy. Hopefully all over by tomorrow as stress is not good for IVF. If we do not get exactly what we have asked for in the final figure ( massively reduced from the first and only a few '000 above their latest offer) we will go to the greivance appeal and instruct our solicitor to get involved. All offers have been informal and without prejudice.
  9. Not sure I agree, she will be giving them a reality check with regard to the fact that she is prepared to ask for a far higher amount than they have offered and if a much better figutre is not agreed upon then solicitors will be involved. Again the only reason for this is due to the stress they are causing and she will be stating this. We will ask the solicitors anyway as to the best option.
  10. She has a figure in mind she is going to informally ask for this, if they do not come up with a reasonable offer she will say to them she is going to get her solicitor involved due to stress. She will speak to the solicitor tomorrow proir to this to ensure that this is the best way forward. Hopefully all settled before tribunal.
  11. My wife has decided to go for it, she has a nice figure in mind that she will be asking for and an arguement for that figure. Then it is all donw to them. Thanks All
  12. Update - due to stress and not knowing where we are going with this we sought legal advice. We are continuing along the Appeal route and the solicitors have said that we have covered, in the appeal, all that they would be looking at and are happy that we continue. However, my wife has been given three 'unofficial' offers in one day, prior to the appeal. We are not sure where to go from here, latest 'offer' approx 6 months pay. But due to IVF as above my wife, all being well, will be pregnant in about 3 weeks. Therefore if she has no job she will literally be unemployable for 18months, and we cant afford this. What do you all suggest we do, go for broke via solicitors or find an appropriate figure and negotiate for this? This all during IVF, not fair.
  13. Currently we are waiting for an official responce from the person managing the appeal, they are not due to return to work until the 9th Jan. My wife is working elsewhere in the business at the moment but it has been said that there is NO reasonable job elsewhere, agreed by HR and my wife. She has been given an unofficial example of a buy out of 3 months, as she has clearly state that she is uanble to work with the manager again due to the stress he creates and our IVF this month. Due to the return of the manager the result will not be in until later next week, shortly after that my wife will pregnant. We understand that the buyout is probably the best option for us unless a job does come up that is suitable, but what happens when she is pregnant and they offer the buyout, should we be concentrating on this, with regard to CD during pregnancy. MY wife has a good maternity package which inc stat sick pay result in 7 months pay over the 9 entitle too off. Some of this pay however is only paid back on return of 3,6,9 months, 1months extra pay at each point reached. Obviously this will be lost if CD occurs. I think the company are looking at their own duty of care issues, and what they have not done, this is what we pushed in the appeal. We will be seeing the GP to get time off through stress if there is no resolution very soon and particurly at this importatnt time but then we have to try and force the CD, which may be hard. I will keep you posted but please offer any further advise if you have any more thoughts. thanks I will check for any legal protection
  14. Despite using all the advice above and more I have gleaned from else where, the greivance did not go at all well. My wife felt that she got to say all she wanted, but on recepit today via email of the outcome, the company have not agreed with any of her points. Therefore she is due to have a meeting with her boss and a mediator and then return to work, whilst undergoing IVF. I do partially agree that most of the matters are her word against his and that some of the things said can be taken in the wrong way. But I really do have issue with the fact that the company have done nothing and are now to put her back in an environment, with someone that she is scared of and that she sees as a bully. Some questions as we would like to appeal thie decision. Do you have to prove that you have been bullied, from the view of duty of care by the company, not in order to discipline the manager? Due to the fact that bullying has been mentioned in the past to HR during pregnancy, should HR have looked out for my wife more? Eg spoken to her boss etc. In the ball throwing episode detailed above, the manager agrees that the balls were thrown, despite the staff not aware of the pregnancy her boss was, when my wife shouted at them to stop, he pulled her in the office to tell her off for shouting, isn't this condoning what they did. Risk etc, he knew she was pregnant after all. No balls should be thrown at all, risk etc. Jumping out on her, he denies, they company view is that this is a common practice, her boss has never done it before, 2 days prior he was told she was pregnant. Risk again and lack of care. We have issues with some of the witnesses, possibly lying, they after all will still have to work with him, could this be conflict of interests? The company have only looked at this greivance against her boss, should we via the apeal be suggesting that hey have done nothing to her wellbeing or for her future, as though they are looking to get rid of her as she will hopefully go on to have a healtyh pregnancy. Please help we are desperate rsspence
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