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  1. GLAD you will be fine my mum has just had notification of full settelement of her case, I reckon you will receive this soon as I remember we were at the same stage. Its just a waiting game.
  2. Sorry Newbody, I've actually rang the court to say we won't be attending as my mum has an important hospital appointment at on the same day at the exactly the same time (typical!). She was due to see them at 11.00am though.
  3. Thank you Livelylad you are a star. I also found this in case anyone else is reading this thread!! Fast track and multi track
  4. Rsspence - We received exactly the same thing in the post today, I rang the court and they advised that yes we should attend and so should abbey but that's the only information they cld give me. I asked if i should take any documents with me and they said not unless you have been asked to ! my case management hearing is also on 17th July. I really don't know what to expect here either but I'm trying to do some research on it - if I get any info I'll post it. Cheers
  5. Livelilad - thanks so much for answering !!! I have read the case management thread but I can't access the link that Rooster added as useful to read. I notice that there have been quite a few other people who have been transferred to Southend and that the Judge is asking for a case management hearing with all of them (some 400). Is there anywhere that I can read up about case management hearings???? Sorry to be a pain and don't worry if you havent' got anything, I'm trailing through other threads trying to find some info! Thanks again
  6. Hi all, I am a long way down the line with a claim I am doing on behalf of my mum. Basically we have gone through the whole process: 7 March sent initial letter to reclaim charges 15 March received letter back saying Abbey were looking into claim 5 April sent letter before action 11 April got another letter saying still looking into it. 20 April got a letter saying they had looked into it but deemed their charges fair 21 April stated an online claim which Abbey acknowledged 31 May received Abbey's defense 31 May received notice of Transfer of proceedings stating case h
  7. Sorry to interupt the post peeps but I have this email address [email protected] which was put on the 'Notice of Acknowledgement of Service has been filed' form thingy I got from Abbey. It must be an email address for their legal department - you could try that
  8. Hiya Glad I got that email address from the Notice of Acknowledgement of paper that I received from the court advising me that Abbey had acknowledged my claim. Paralegal is definately just a legal assistent and not a solicitor. I think we should definately update each other on progress/ new correspondence otherwise you panic and think Abbey have singled you out to take things further when in fact they are sending the same responses/defenses to everyone. Hopefully someone with a bit more knowledge will read this thread and advise us how to contact Abbey at this stage to try to negotiat
  9. Hi there I think Willem Basson is an inhouse legal person at Abbey. I noticed that on my acknowledgement paper from the court Abbey there was an email address of [email protected] - I think you can send correspondence there in relation to your claim. If not I would send a letter to the 2 Trinton Square address and mark it for Willem's attention. Do you mind if I ask what letter you are planning to send? Its great to be able to speak to others in the same situation! 8)
  10. Hi Glad, it sounds like you are at the exact stage as me. I received the exact same defence yesterday. It would be interesting to know whether Abbey's defence has changed since the Lloyds case. Like you I'm starting to get a bit nervous. I'm doing this claim on behalf of my mum and when she received the defence letter she went into panick mode. I am just going wait until we receive direction from the courts. Have you got your court bundles ready? I suggest you start as it takes a bit of time getting everything together.
  11. Hi - thanks for that. My own gut feeling was to make sure it was right as I can envisage Abbey using it as a stick to beat me with! I will get on the case, I think I've got a good month before anything kicks of anyway. Thanks for the advice
  12. Hi all, I was just wondering whether anyone can give me some advice. I have filed a claim with Abbey (which they have just today acknowledged). I was just getting my bundle all in order when I noticed a few discrepancies on my spreadsheet of charges, just a couple of typo's with wrong dates. I want to change the spreadsheet so it coincides with my bank statements. Do you think I should send a new copy to the court and one to Abbey stating I had noticed a few typo's and to disregard my previous spreadsheet? Advice appreciated. Cheers
  13. Thanks for that, it is a bit daunting all this court claim whootsit. Obviously that is why they are not paying out before you lodge a claim as a lot of people will be put off. Thanks your advice though hun mucho appreciated
  14. Thanks for the advice Karne, I'm right at the start, lodged the claim on Monday - they have 14 days to respond. From what I've read on other peoples threads I would imagine that they will put a defence in right at the end of those 14 days and drag the whole thing out. Have you lodged a claim at all? There was a box on the form asking whether this was a human rights issue and I said no, hope that was right!
  15. Hi all, Just wondering if anyone can help me. I've lodged a claim with abbey on behalf of my mum. I am acting as her representative in this matter as my mum has not yet mastered the computer. I have her court bundle all ready to go (as per the advice in the library). Should I put in anything other than the things listed - I'm sure I read that it should be personalised but a part from her correspondence and bankstatements I can't think of any other "personal" stuff to put in there. Also even though I have heard nothing from the court do you think its worth sending a copy of the bundle
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