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  1. Money landed in my account this morning Chaddyowl / Kingmillie - How are you guys getting on, as we had the same timescales? Drew
  2. Whether they are allowed to or not - they do. The good news is you can claim it back - as I did. Drew
  3. ******* :D:D I WON :D:D ******* Just received a letter this morning from Halifax offfering £4500, the claim was for £4850 in total so I've decided to accept it, I'm well chuffed, as I was getting a little twitchy about the whole thing. I know I probably could have hung on for another couple of weeks and got the whole lot, but I don't think my nerves would have took it. Thanks for everyones support, it really gave me the confidence to take this on (AND WIN !!!) Donation on way once I've come down of the ceiling. Thanks Again Drew
  4. Hi All Just keeping my thread up to date, Halifax were deemed served on the 5th Feb, and acknowledged claim on the 19th. I received the notice of acknowledgement yesterday and have just sent my schedule of charges along with a covering letter of to halifax solicitors. Getting really nervous about it, now its getting to the sharp end of the claim. Drew
  5. Well done mate I'm only a couple of days behind you - so hopefully I'll be next. Congrats Drew
  6. Hi Km Same here - they acknowledged 1 day before deadline - i think we'll receive a notice of acknowledgement from the Court, at which point I'm sending a schedule of charges to the banks solicitors. From what I hear, they are paying up fairly quickly now after acknowledging. Here's hoping. Drew
  7. Aw Shucks - Knew I'd be cursing myself if I wrote about this beforehand. Theyve just acknowledged - Looks like I'm gonna have to wait a while before I get paid. Just wondering if anyone who's been down this route before me, how long did you wait to get paid out after halifax acknowledged claim? Many Thanks Drew
  8. Thanks for the reply - I'll get in sharpish and file Judgement as soon as i am able to. Regards Drew
  9. HI All Halifax have not acknowledge my claim yet, they have until tomorrow to do so. Is the general consensus to apply for Judgement as soon as you can, or to leave it a few days, I've heard stories of Halifax asking for a "stay" which can delay your claim if you jump in to soon with a judgement without them acknowledging. Just getting a little nervous Cheers Drew
  10. Hi KM I'm 1 day ahead of you, and I've not heard a thing since I submitted MCOL, I wouldn't worry to much, I think they are just snowed under, poor things They've got till the 20th Feb to acknowledge, if not, I can apply Judgement and win by default. I'm kinda hoping they are to busy to respond Cheers Drew
  11. Not sure off hand, as I'm at work, but it should be on top of your claim form, it's the county court in Northampton. I think you'll receive a letter from MCOL once your case hase been served, and I think it will have the banks solictors on the letter, remember you don't need to send charges to the banks solicitors until you get the served letter from MCOL. Regards Drew
  12. Chaddyowl - i take it you went down the N1 route, if so your fine. It's the MCOL route where you need to send a paper version of your charges to the court (and later banks solicitors), just thought I'd mentioned it as it doesn't seem to be that well known (i've been reading these boards for 6 weeks and I only found out by chance when I filed that it needed doing.) Regards Drew
  13. Me to btw - mine was deemed served on 6th Feb, so were all at the same point almost, lets see who gets paid 1st Cheers all Drew ps. KM/Chaddy - Have you sent your schedule of charges and covering letter to the court yet? Just wondering, as some people don't realise this stage.
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