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  1. Actually, yes there is!! It says 'direct tel' but it doesn't look like a direct number to me!! Sarah Rendon Customer Services Direct Tel 08459 262626
  2. Yes, I am also dealing with a Sarah at A+L. Got a letter from her today stating that they intend to defend the claim. Did you get one of these also?
  3. Update: Filed my N1 with the local county court last week, was deemed served on teh 17th March. Got a letter today from A+L saying that they intend to defend the claim? I take it this is normal practise? Think I am gonna sweat a bit until they send the cheque!!!
  4. Ah ok, thanks for that... think I will stick another copy in there to be on the safe side!
  5. Got 2 copies of my N1, POC and Scedule of charges in an envelope here all ready to send! Will post it at lunchtime....
  6. How's it going Delboy? Done the court claim yet?!?
  7. No reply to my LBA. After a lot of reading and much messing about, I have boshed together the following N1, mainly using one I pinched from the forums here! Can someone have a gander and point out any howlers? 1. The Claimant had a bank account, number xxxxxxxxx (“the Account”), maintained at the Defendant’s Bootle Branch. 2. The Account was governed by the Defendant’s Personal Banking Terms and Conditions (“the contract”) 3. During the period in which the Account has been operating the Defendant has debited numerous charges to the Account in respect of purported breaches of
  8. Bobbair

    Bobbair vs MBNA

    Ok, got a response to my prelim - an offer of all the charges refunded!! (total £595) However, reading this forum I reckon they will pay the interest also if I press them further... will get a LBA in the post asap!
  9. Cheers Nattie, and many thanks for the help along the way! Just the credit card to go for now!
  10. Right, before I got my N1 sent off I received a letter from Natwest, the basis of which is that they don't accept my claim is valid blah blah but they are offering to refund all the charges but not any contractual interest. I think I may accept this. The amount on this claim is small, and although the contractual interest at 16.5% would double the claim, it seems claims for contractual interest on bank accounts are untested, and it probably isn't worth the hassle for such a small claim.
  11. Ok, I wasn't aware of that. I have been more agressive on this one as it is the smallest of 4 claims that I am persuing - I was being more agressive on this one as it is the first that has reached court stage, I kinda figured that if I succeed with contractual on this one then I can use the same strategy on A+L and MBNA. However, take your point that it might not be worth getting deeply involved in the court process for the sake of 50 quid or so....
  12. Yes, I have mentioned it in my Prelim and LBA as below: Thanks for the wording, will be useful, I'll post what I eventually come up with on here later.
  13. Ta, had seen that one, was wondering though whether I should try to cover all bases and claim contractual interest in the first instance and 8% statutory in the alternative, something like this one: http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/natwest-bank/56352-josa-natwest-6-years.html?highlight=murky+waters#post498946
  14. Thanks, got my credit card prelim sorted now. On the current account, looks like I'll have to go for an N1 for the claim as the limit on the POCs on MCOL is ridiculous! Looking around on the forum at the minute for some good wording....
  15. Non-compliance letter for the credit card SAR crossed in the post with full set of statements from Natwest (again, in a thin, ripped, brown envelope!). Put together my Prelim, do I send this to Borehamwood like the current account one? Current account LBA has expired so I am going to spend the afternoon reading up on how to do an MCOL/N1.....
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