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  1. Thanks so much for getting back to me and so promptly. You are correct in all your assumptions, and I will definitely do the SAR, but I being a newbie, can you tell me is there a formal template for doing this? (I am trying to read up as much as I can from the site asap.) Wish I'd known about you guys during my financially tormented student days. Thanks (again) in advance.
  2. I would be so grateful if anyone could give me advice or help: From when I was 16 (1990 onwards), I held a Bank of Scotland current account. I held this throughout my extensive univesity training. During those lean student years I several times went overdrawn (over my limit) and would be bombarded with very expensive (20-30 pound) letters from the Bank, to tell me I was over my overdraft limit. I left the country to live in the US in 1999, and moved back to the Uk again last year. When I left the country, I had an arranged overdraft, which I was within. Whilst I was away,
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