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  1. Thanks will do. So what happens if on the original CCA Agreement form there is a disclosure section at the bottom that says Paragon will not pass on any information outside of the Paragon group without my consent or required by law? Is this agreement still valid or assumed invalid by now?
  2. hmmm ok, not sure what constitutes 'absolute'. It was a standard letter of assignment. They'd been assigned the balance and were now the data owners. Is that absolute enough or is there an outline of what they must tell me for it to be valid? There have been no letters detailing a default. Just demands for payment, which stopped about a year and a half ago after I kept replying back with requests for more information.
  3. Hello all, A quick question Can a DCA default you on a loan that was sold to them if the original loan provider did not default you? So... No default notice issued by Loan company (Paragon) Happily paying installments to Paragon Paragon then sell the loan to Arrow Global, fail to notify you. Arrow Global get in touch saying hey! You owe us now. Stop payments as I'm disputing the legitimacy of sale of loan, usual letters sent requesting more information, no replies. Some time later I check my credit report and Arrow Global register the loan as a default owing to them. Are they allowed to do this? Cheers.
  4. No nothing yet, I received a letter from Stevensdrake in March demanding payment or court action, I replied back stating no, until their client complies with the info I've requested (and I made a point of saying they were legally bound to do so) then any court action would be stayed on the point that I would not be able to properly defend myself until they supplied me with the requested data. Oh, not only that but also I went through all the letters sent by Arrow & the one by Stevensdrake and the amount they're claiming varies with each letter! The longer they take the worse it gets for them because not only does it show they're procedurally incompetent but also that they're clearly not desperate for the money if they're happy to draw it out this long.
  5. Well, I still have no default notice, no SAR, no deed of assignment, no letter of assignment from the original creditor. Last week I received a letter from their solicitors threatening court action. Have replied back stating what Arrow/CBS have failed to provide. Have also flagged up the fact that on each lettter received from them, the amount owed has fluctuated (I've made no payments). On top of that, Arrow are claiming the amount owed is 4x higher than the amount the original creditor had stated was required to settle the debt. Will see what they come back with. Am also starting complaint procedures on the failure to supply the SAR & the fact they keep ignoring my letters and still demand payment. This has been going on for far too long.
  6. HFO? Ah no, it's Arrow Global that are pursuing. Additionally, if a DCA can provide a copy of the CCA from the original creditor, is it assumed by the courts that they are the owners of the debt even if no copy of the letter of assignment FROM the creditor is provided? Thanks!
  7. ok, does the default notice have to come from the original creditor or, assuming no default notice was sent by the creditor, can the DCA then issue one? I have the CCA from the DCA but no letter of assignment from the original creditor, only a letter from the DCA stating they were assigned the debt. Am looking for some advice as the DCA have now involved their solicitors and are threatening court action. They have complied with the CCA request. They have not complied with the SAR No default issued. (Loan does not appear on any credit report either) No letter of assignment from the original creditor.
  8. Hi all, If a DCA is assigned a debt from a company and notifies you that it has been assigned the debt and all data relating to it, if no Default Notice was issued by the original Creditor, what would my position be? Thanks!
  9. Yes, and rather sneakily, they haven't dated the letter so I'm keeping the envelope with the post date on it!
  10. Well, I received a letter from Arrow today saying they received my letter in September 2008 and sorry for the delay and that they will now process my SAR and will endeavour to process it within the statute time limit. hmmmm Oh, this letter had no date on it either so I'll be keeping the envelope with the post date on it.
  11. Thanks, Info about my situation can be found here: http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/debt-collection-industry/55568-paragon-have-my-debt.html To summarise though December '06 - Arrow claimed they own a debt from Paragon and they're now the data owners I received nothing from Paragon to back this up No default notice was ever registered with Credit Reference Agencies nor any notice sent out to me by either Arrow or Paragon Jan '07 - Sent CCA & SAR request. Mar '07 - CCA copy received. At the bottom of the CCA it is explained that Paragon will not pass on my details to any party outside of the Paragon group. Nothing received from SAR request (but they cashed the cheque) Aug '07 - They send one more letter out telling me to pay up, I reply back stating they still haven't complied with the SAR request. Cheers.
  12. Hi again all, I have a feeling I'm due a Summons in the next few days, I've still not had a reply from them from the letter I posted here: http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/show-post/post-1667603.html Can they just go for a summons? They still haven't provided me with the SAR I asked for etc, I've had no phone calls, nothing since August '08 Might also add that at this point I've not received a Default notice from either the original creditor (Paragon) or Arrow Any and all assistance is of course gratefully received! Thanks.
  13. Just wondering. It could be nothing but someone came to the door today asking for me by name, wife said I wasn't in so he said he'd post it out instead. No idea what 'it' is and I'm not exactly in hiding! I have an outstanding dispute with a DCA whereby they haven't responded to my requests for further information so I was wondering if they are able to just take the case to court without even trying to resolve the matter more amicably. Are summons ALWAYS sent out by recorded delivery? Or do they add that personal touch and hand deliver it? thanks!
  14. I might also add that no default is registered against the loan (in fact nothing is registered on any of the CRA's)
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