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  1. Hello, I started this claim a long time ago and did everything bar going to the courts. Mainly due to all claims being stayed etc But I am in extreme financial difficulty and was told the bank have to deal with your claim now if financial hardship can be proved, if they fail to deal with it the OFT will make the decision. I would be grateful if someone could please clarify this for me. Thanks
  2. I followed all the step by step info on the site asking for the £2133 that they owe me (they offered £37) and am at the stage where I should be submitting my MCOL. Im at a loss what to do now, do I leave it and wait for the results from the test case or proceed??? If i proceed wot shud I do ?????? Any help would be much appreciated.
  3. I thought I could, but these are cheques which were paid coz the bank guarenteed them. wouldnt that be classed as a service by the bank? the charges description doesn't really clarify thanks nettyg
  4. Quick question, can u tell me whether or not I can claim charges for cheques which have been paid by the bank, but they have charged £25 for doing so coz I have gone over my overdraft????
  5. Oh they cashed it straight away, that was on the 3rd jan supposed i best phone them. This is a claim against alliance and leicester. thanks for the info
  6. Cheers guys i appreciate the help and support. One other question I have althrough not strictly applicable to this claim is. When requesting statemnts do they have 40 working days to supply then or 40 calender days? and is it 40 days from the date of the request or the date the cheques was cashed? Cheers Kris
  7. Just a quick update, I sent the LBA today again with the breakdown of charges, I also emailed them the letter. Suppose i just wait now for the standard fob off again from colin. I 'll keep u posted.
  8. Hey everyone, Here's how it stands I submitted my prem letter with a breakdown of all charges which totalled £2166 on 17th Jan. I recieved the standard letterback from good ol Colin saying there looking into it on 25th Jan. I have also emailed them each day at [email protected] mainly just to annoy them and partly through boredom at work. And they do always reply. I am just preparing my LBA and was just wondering do I need to give them 14 days to respond coz they seem to work to there own timescales anyway. was thinking of giving them 7 days. Is this acceptable? I also have claims in against alliance & leicester & capital one, and have to say that I love this site. I'll keep u posted. K
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