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  1. Thanks for that. I sent off the email as soon as I got your reply. I know it was read as I got a receipt back from Outlook but as yet there has been no response to that email. I have read somewhere about doing the pre 6 years if you have not signed an agreement in full and final settlement. I think I did this when I won my previous charges. Should I not pursue it anymore?
  2. Hi all! I have been trying to get hold of my statements going back to the opening of the account. I sent off the SAR in April and received statements dating from 2001 to 2006. I had already had these some months earlier. When I called to ask why they had sent these, they replied that this was usual practice and the older statements came from another department and would be with me shortly, i called again a few weeks later and was told they should have been sent to my local branch, and if not, the branch could access the details and should be able to print them off, though it would not be on headed paper. My branch did not have the statements, noc could they run any information off for me. I have just called them again. I have now been advised that I cannot have the statements and it is not possible to claim back any charges prior to 2001. I was also told that I am the first person to have ever mentioned it!! This has concerned me a bit, as there is no point chasing up these statements if I do not have a case. I have also started a claim for my dad which goes back 13 years. He is a little old to be worrying about court appearances now, so I feel I should stop if there is no hope. I cannot seem to find any information about any successful claims over 6 years. Can anyone help? Just a simple yes or no will do. thanks
  3. Just bumping this thread up as would like to know how people are finding it when going back further than the 6 years.
  4. Thanks for that. Just out of curiosity, has anyone been successful with these pre 6 year claims?
  5. Hi! I have been asked to have a look at my dads old bank statements. They date back to 1994. The account was closed in 2001. Having spent ages looking through them all, I am horrified to see the extent of these charges. The charges alone amount to £3088.51. Once the interest is added, (a further £2380.56!) the total reaches just under £5800! I am happy to help my dad go for these charges, but I ned to be sure that it will be worth it before I risk his pension if it went to court (court fees would be considerably higher on this amount). My worry is that it over 6 years he would be claiming. I cant seem to find too much on the forum stating whether or not it is a good idea to go for these ones. He is in his 70's now so i dont want to put him through it all uneccesarily. All the statements he has are original so there is no problem proving the charges. Do we just go about it in the same way as we would for a 6 years claim? Thanks Charli
  6. Thanks for the advice guys. I paid the cheque in this morning so will wait for it to clear before stopping the action. how do I go about that by the way?
  7. Hey Jet! You shouldn't need any more letter templates if you are at the MCOL stage. It's all done online. www.moneyclaim.gov.co.uk I think.
  8. Cheque recieved for £1130.22. Need to stop the court action now! Thanks all! Can this be moved to success stories?? Craiguk
  9. I have just typed out a reply to NatWest's offer: "Thank for your recent letter and offer of £836.00, the contents of which have been noted and considered. You will be aware by now that prior to your offer, I commenced legal proceedings to reclaim these charges as you had not responded to my first two letters within the given time. The claim that has been issued to the court includes further charges that have been added to the account since 22nd January 2007 and interest that would be awarded should the matter get to the Court. There is now also the matter of £120 Court costs which I have incurred. The total claim is now £1,130.22. I would be grateful if you would include these added charges and the court fees in your offer as these will be awarded to me should you not respond within the next 28 days. I look forward to receiving your revised offer within 14 days. Yours sincerely" blah blah blah Does that sound ok? Craig.
  10. Ok So I have been a bit lapse in updating! Well the LBA came and went. Finally last week I found the money to take Natwest to court. The claim came to £1010 which included the interest and also a further £100 in charges which had been added to the account since the prelim was sent. I received an offer letter today for the full amount of the prelim, which I am more than happy to accept as it is all that we claiming at the time we started this. Am I able to accept this offer but ask them for the other charges that have been taken out since 22nd jan? Also, i know I need to go on the court site and advise them that an offer has been made, but how do I go about getting the £120 court fees back? Do I just put that in the acceptance letter that i would like remaining charges refunded and the court fees back? Craig
  11. Well no reply from Natwest. I have decided to give up on this for the time being due to the fact that all my money from my First Direct claim going to the insolvency people to cover my bankruptcy costs. I am not prepared to cover the court costs only for this money to go to them also. Does anyone know if I could start the claim process again if I waited until my discharge in May?
  12. Well, I won against first direct. Why so glum? I hear you ask Got a call from FD on Friday last week. They had spoken to the insolvency people and come to an agreement between themselves that 50% of the money would be payable towards my bankruptcy fees and the other 50% would go back in to the account towards the oustanding debt. I would have prefferred to be able to make that decision myself, but its done and it is a hefty amount off what we owe them. So a bit of a win and lose situation there! So anyone else who is currently bankrupt, we now know that you will lose the money to the insolvency people. They also advised that they are going to put in a process where they will automatically go after any bank charges on behalf of the person going bankrupt so that any money goes straight to them.
  13. LBA is winging its way to the lovely people at natwest!
  14. No response to prelim, not even an acknowledgement. LBA ready to go if nothing in today's post.
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