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  1. got a letter from sc&m saying that £3331.12 is going to be deposited into my account within next 5 workinng days inclusive of intrest and fees so basically I WON !!!!!!! I MADE £180 MORE THAN WHAT ID ASKED FOR WITH THE INTREST SO IM HAPPY AND A DONATION WILL BE SENT good luck to all still fighting and thanks to all that have helped me xxx
  2. date of the letter was the 1st of may i recieved it on the 19th when i told them this they simply said hey are not responsible for post so i replied nor am i phone put down on me i never recieved the letter they say they sent 30th of april and i cant see why they would visit at that point they are just trying their hand i suspect
  3. i understand they can make charges but surley not when the amount theyve asked for has been paid i would have thought that once the requested payment has been made that should be an end to it
  4. yes your right about the charge breakdown i have kept the letter no envelope tho i have told them i have no date to be paid by on the letter i phoned equita today and for the first time got to ask my question and get an answer without the phone being put down on me i have the pcn they say the warrant was issued the 27th april and that confirmation of this was sent to me on the 30th which i did not get ive been in touch with sefton mbc and theyve rang me back telling me they have contacted equita and asked for the amount owing to which they say its £148.15 (95 for smbc) with £8.01 vat so
  5. equita are sending out a baliff to collect money i dont owe thye sent me a letter asking for £108.16 i got the letter on saturday rang on monday and paid by switch they said on that call that £50 had been added which i refused to pay id paid what they had asked for they sent me another letter saying they were coming for the car i rang them twice and got told i owed £48 on one call and £35.20 on the second i told them a letter had been poste to dispute the amount and theyve responded with a letter saying a bailiff is coming this week for £35.25 how can they give 4 different amounts?
  6. ive been on the phone to scm this morning asking for their bundle as i should have recieved it 28th may they say i dont get a copy of their bundle and they have not recieved letter that states they need to have it with the court by the 28th and me also ive told them im ringing court and going down the route of non compliance
  7. im in same postion as you johnsworld more or less my bundle had to be with bank and court by today and same of the bank tho ive not recieved theirs i will be contacting the court tommorrow morning about their non complience i can only reccomend you do the same im afraid
  8. ive sent it to him by post he should have it by now
  9. i think if people are sending their t&cs like myself it should appear in a library for others to use unfortunatley i dont have a scanner ot else i would have put mine here for all to see people who have to get their bundles in very soon will be feeling frustrated right now knowing if their case goes to court they dont have this info luckily for me i did have it can we please have them put in a post as quick as possible i would hate to think another case could be lost due to this info not being available
  10. thanks barty and broke dave i was just getting panicky and couldnt get the answer i needeed hence the post
  11. well to say im disapointed would be an understatement i am aware that people are busy with other stuff but i really needed help here and where certain people have needed my help i have given it i refer to the calling for evidence thread anyway my bundles sent and i hope its right thanks for all your help
  12. as far as i know any eveidence that you take in addition would be ruled as inadmissable as the bank wouldnt have seen the evidence if you do go to court and the bank turned up they would want it ruled out have the bank sent you a copy of their bundle? if not it would be the same for you if it goes to court you could have it ruled inadmissable as you would not be able to contend their defence contact your local court they will give you the info you need if the bank hasnt sent the bundle tell them and ask them what route you need to take as i will be doing this myself my bundl
  13. ive got to get my court bundle in by the 28th which is bank holiday so i have to send off today but im not completley finished ive got correspondance from myself (husband has lost replies) schedule of charges statements t&cs oft summary mcnamara interview and orton letter printed and put in order i understand i need to do witness statement which confuses me a little do i need to put in the acts (i would presume i do) and if so can somone put link for them in this post as im getting confused now as to where to look for what i need do i need to higlight the documents for tsb and cour
  14. I NEED HELP to clarify what i need in my bundle i have printed off 3 copies of my statements i have photocopied and have 3 copies of my terms and conditions i have printed 3 copies of the oft front page section 1 and section 4.21 i have printed 3 copies of the mcnamara interview i have printed 3 copies of the letter gary posted i have printed 3 copies of my witness statement is there anything else i need ie copys of the acts im quoting??? is there anything i need to do to them before they are sent ie highlight the charges and the term in my t&c about broken agreement
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