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  1. It seems this company have made out they got some massive contract with DSSW now obviously there’s 5 or 6 posts here which pretty much is all you can find on the www with the exception of the few cases stateside , which doesn’t really tally up unless they’re prosecuting the supposed hundreds of people they claim are infringing their clients copyright in their blurb or maybe everyone settles beforehand using the mediation my question I suppose knowing the guy , knowing what he does for a living , and the fact that unless he’s taken on 10 designers and moved into engineering , which he hasn’t is how they manage to put two and two together despite him basically telling them and it being very easy to prove in court that he has never or ever had a need for their software ,any reasonable person would probably say this is pretty implausible , to just basically try and bully a guy because they have someone’s IP address and MAC address
  2. Aww I love crap like this though it almost makes me want to go all social justice warrior and see that my mate can get out of it for the aggro and stress , it kind of feels like these clowns can just run round making spurious allegations and get away with it .
  3. Hi surely if they have a good hand they will be confident of getting a good positive claim in? it’s almost as if they want to keep their cards closed , though I’m pretty sure they have to outline all the evidence they have which amounts to an IP address 10 Mac addresses and the fact it was used at weekends or evenings which is implausible for starters just out of interest how comparable is this to ACS law?
  4. Yeah of all the places it’s odd that this is where they all are I suggested he says send me your proof, doesn’t seem like they want to , pretty sure he has a cast iron defence but hes a bit of a worrier I think then when they provide no proof he bill them for his time then sue them for defamation of his good character. Here’s a top tip switch to fusion 360 hit solidworks in the pocket get a license for 500 a year , watch solidworks user base crumble Oh and has anyone seen any case in the UK go to court yet?
  5. Ok a mate of mine has just had one of these letters all edging x y and z. Its very interesting that he doesn’t use nor has ever used the software yet they have by all accounts sent him a letter saying we have x amount of IP addresses and these Mac addresses, he is pretty computer savvy and checked them blocked all this Mac addresses that could have accessed the networks now could someone explain how with an IP address and a MAC address they could possibly try and pin this on him.
  6. Realistically i think we both know the ombudsman is pointless and legal recourse is futile, the only way im starting to see of fighting juggernauts like the banks is if 20 million people joined a campaign on social media and it led to mass closings of accounts , walter mitty moment over I just wanted them gone and thats not even simple if anything hopefully anyone reading this may think twice before getting involved with them
  7. Ok Im here more as a bit of a heads up to others re Yorkshire bank I do wonder how they manage to stay in business i run a three strikes system first strike I took out a personal loan with them for my business (yes a personal loan not a business one) at the time i informed the two girls about my situation i had started a company, thats where my wages came from etc etc, personal circumstances to them what the money would be used for , filling out the paperwork in branch it was for a welder , and they said we will put down electrical goods, about two years in my accountant was doing my directors loan and asked me why i was paying so much interest? i said to her the exact same thing i did when i asked if that was the best rate i could get i did ask if i could borrow more and get a better rate and they said no , he laughed for a bit then said go and reloan it , but alas the bank wouldnt let me take out another loan , never missed a payment, was my only debt but NO i was self employed (even though im an employee in the eyes of HMRC pay my ni and PAYE) and then secondly i had to apply for a business loan I queried why when i asked if i could get a better rate i was told no initially and the complaint response was more along the lines of we cant discuss what was said with out a recording so no cigar, and no you cant have a loan and so i thought ok sure its a tough call to decide what was said if you weren't there and there for endeth the lesson in naivity, however by this time I was earning some good money and the accounts lady said just pay it off as the highest interest item, dont worry we can claim a certain amount Second strike onwards i go to the phone in show , ring their call centre and ask "can i pay off the loan , (theres literally a year left to run on it by now i owe 2000 quid) The reply of err no its got to run to the end now there's no way to do this. ...Honestly I was a bit miffed I figured I would at least get some of the interest knocked off and save a few quid but alas no such luck. i m later informed this is illegal to deny someone this , but i didnt know this, i call them back up to make a complaint and heard nothing, this was where i figured i have you here, as per my lesson in naivity earlier led me to believe the recorded call would be enough to satisfy the investigations team , but 40 days later i get a nice note saying sorry its taking so long to resolve this and then about 50 days later i get one saying "complaint denied" , Turns out they have no record of anyone taking a call or saying this so top and bottom of it is tough. Ok by this point i think stuff it im off Yorkshire bank, im switching so i get set up WITH ANOTHER BANK , IM NOT GIVING YOU A THIRD CHANCE. ..thinking my days of having to phone them , to be told you need to go into branch to be told in branch i need to call the phone number PRAISE BE TO THE LORD I WILL BE DONE WITH YORKSHIRE BANK VERY SOON..... ..........till this morning when i receive a letter from a bank beginning with the letter H This letter says they were unable to transfer my STDO to them and i would have to make alternative arrangements I phone the YORKSHIRE to be told oh yes we dont use a standing order its an inter account transfer theres nothing we can do to change this. I ask what happens when my account is closed and......tumbleweeds , Im told i would have to make manual payments and even then the system might register that i have missed the payment as its automatic and theres simply nothing they can do as its not a standing order I think to myself just pay the thing off and be done with it avoid all problems today i phone up to pay the 652 quid i owe them off before the switch over and why , because it seems their internal system doesnt use standing orders it uses interbank transfer or some bobbins from my account to my loan account and because of this my standing order couldnt be transferred over, silly me OK when i ask them can i pay the 652 quid im told no , because its 693.18p if i want to pay it off early, IM LEAVING BECAUSE I WONT GIVE YOU ANOTHER PENNY ..... and on top of this elucidate the other complaints A lot of swearing took place as they know full well on monday im cutting them off and they were just impossible to deal with in the past , i was so enraged at their complaints department not actually giving a care and hung up A brief conversation with the missus... .. just pay it , lets get rid of them once and for all , i ring the guy up on CS and say ok lets do it just get rid of it ill gladly pay the 40 quid interest to see the back of you and your hapless org , BUT NO THERES MORE I Tell D (we will call him) my account is closing monday can you put me in touch with the power working today that can resolve this entire mess , POOR "D" SAYS TO ME DONT WORRY IF YOU PAY IT BY CARD IT WILL BE DONE BY MONDAY BEFORE YOUR SWITCH , but i will have to put you through to another department ok SAYS I excited by the prospect of finally being free CARD DETAILS given BILL Paid .. ......i hear the girl (we will call her K) say ok thanks mr M that should go through in 3 - 4 days are you joking , i am absolutely raging and i mean air going blue , turns out that even though i bank with them and have plenty of funds to cover it its not direct YOU CANNOT MAKE THIS STUFF UP and my account could potentially be closed leaving no funds to pay this , and she openly admits it down the phone i now face my account being closed on monday the bill not being paid then being run overdrawn by tuesday putting a black mark against my name and i just paid you 58 days interest for the priveledge Even the woman after "K" just says we need to listen to the calls (odds on the calls are stored in the bermuda triangle again) Im so incensed by it that i now intend to report the lot to the Ombudsman Like is should have when they took away my right to end the agreement , where do i stand legally is my question to you guys
  8. Hi Dx i have the documentation and a witness from when is et up the PPI with natwest as we had actually been into the bank to try and get a buisness bank account for the LTD company, the buisness manager was selling mortgage cover ill health the whole raft was thrust upon me and my matey who got away by the skin of his teeth because he banked elsewhere I also have a letter from UK insurance limited stating, well telling me to get lost in not so many words that does state i would never have been eligible to take out the insurance and i should stop bothering them and take it up with nat west as they sold me the policy, this dates back to 2003 I must add however i so hope there is a case and it opens the floodgates for others, those people made my life hell after wards with their debt cashing and if they have done this to me how many others has this happened to ?
  9. I have been told by every single company/bank i had protection with that due to being self employed it would never have benefitted me .I have all the offer letters sat here 7 of them Heres the rub and I suppose I'm seeing it only from my POV but I was sold this on advice , I mentioned I was starting a buisness and told that it would cover me if the company ran into trouble ,peace of mind etc , when it did run into trouble and I tried to claim this led to me being in the finacial mess , I lost my house ,Car the lot because none of these policies were valid, no money no payment no roof essentially was the chain of events despite being told i was protected So the culmination of events cost was far more than the paltry 1000 quid here or there I'm being offered, could I now claim damages after all the insurance would not have covered me and i had done all i could to protect myself leading up to this? The wording on the letters states I accept this as full and final redress for the PPI and in signing i can take no further action (Natwest in particular)in relation to this, surely this cannot be correct they have admitted they were wrong and now owe me the money i shouldn't have paid in the first place? In reality (or maybe im daydreaming here) the redress would be to put me back in the financial position I was in , where if i had been financially covered i would still be living in a house and had time to find a new position without being placed in such an untenable position it was literally hell on earth trying to get out of. the irony of it was the letter i received stating after 1 months missed payments that my insurance was now null and void . ..you couldn't make it up plus there was literally hundreds in charges both bank and credit card for missed and late payments eventually I just dissapeared I had no address for them to send threatening letters or abode it took years to get back on my feet before the letters started appearing, too late BARRED BY STATUTE WAS THE REPLY Any ideas or advice would be greatfully received or am i just after an unlikely revenge, should i just let sleeping dogs lie
  10. Can i come back to you tomorrow with all the proper amounts etc once i have seen the paperwork etc I can scan and post up if thats Ok My mum told me about it so its a bit second hand info and would rather give you true facts etc thanks Mike
  11. Jeez you guys must be absolutely busy giving out advice on these boards Yes theres lots of penalty charges When they split the stress cost her her job unfortunately She was also diagnosed with labarinthitis and would just faint on the bus , she was terrified to go anywhere but thats no influence or bearing really Its not a moral thing with these folks its just a buisness and "personal circumstance" has no bearing As the ppi people put it, would love to see the attitude change if they were in that position but afterall they are above all that She got a job in a call cnetre but collapsed under the weight of paying under a much lower wage The SAR she sent to santander was well over 40 days and nothing was sent in reply except demands even whilst she was negotiating.Though they did send her account to the DCA within two days of it being signed for The SAR total so far stands at 60 quid with only the reconstituted agreement being sent by barclaycards lowlifes mercers who imho haven't gone anywhere I have mentioned to her relax and that owing money isn't a crime but shes the kind of person who will not put up a fight ,she just needs to get her spirit for this one back and i suppose thats where i have kind of stepped into the foray,I will take the fight all the way to them i just need to know how Tomorrow i intend to make a timeline of each individual account to catalogue the errance in these accounts Can i ask if she is owed charges and PPI repayments she can dispute on that basis ie the total owed would not be any where near what they say or is that a fantastical idea i would like to be real
  12. http://www.callcredit.co.uk/ it seems they do debt collection then have a free credit reference agency my sister has a debt collection letter from them. you cannot actually access noggle or whatever its called until you have proved who you are it would seem they could have the ability to collect the data of who you are and then cross reference it with any debts on their database,
  13. No She didnt sign it by this time I was involved I told her basically until they can prove it they can twizzle She has done an income expenditure several times She isnt on a DMP either the DMP company actually sent a letter to her outlining and these were the excat words" Miss ******* IS A BAD DEBTOR AND REFUSES TO PAY" this was not true they said the plan would fail. She has it in black and white recently they also sent a letter which i do not believe was intended for her stating what margin of profit they would now lose duew to her not being in the DMP. She was covered for insurance against this and surprise surprise all the PPI companies have found some legal obligation to not pay Citizen B can you elaborrate on this tinkering they have not provided a signed agreement period and just sent this to a (or 3 seperate) DCA's I have asked my sister to stop paying anything I will find out tomorrow what the status is? Rebel Read and fully understood. I have thought about just saying go to court with your 450 or whatever and ask the judge nicely to make her BR the OR certainly wouldn't come down on her and it would mean the house which is a lingering battle between her ex who is also claiming poverty whilst pocketing the rent (they both moved out of the marital home and rented it to pay the mortgage) might have to come clean on why the mortgage hasn't been getting paid but thats another matter entirely Ps forgot to say thank you:oops:
  14. I find it odd that callcredit are both a debt collector and also a credit reference agency
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