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  1. Hi Bigmac, Yes I do have a copy of the defence, I have spoken to the courts and they have told me to get the paperwork in ASAP this week. Thought the date was the end of July. Thanks for your help
  2. Have I messed up? Really busy time recently, selling house, divorce, changing job...... I never completed an AQ but the hearing has been allocated to the small claims court. I have a court date for next week 11 July at Chester, expected to hear something from the YB before now who have filed a defence. I was expecting another letter from the courts but haven't received anything, just read the original letter and it suggested that I should have sent all copies of all paperwork 14 days before, which I haven't done. Have I messed up? Is it too late to send the paperwork?
  3. Hello All, Been really busy lately, just thought I would post an update on my claim. Submitted the MCOL to which the YB posted a defence. I received a Notice of Transfer of Proceedings letter this week to advise that the claim has been moved to a court near to where I live (Chester). It also makes reference to the AQ and that it should be returned to Chester and not Northampton although the AQ was not included in the letter. There was no mention of dates. Is this normal? Regards Toprod
  4. Thanks George, Got a cheque yesterday for half without interest from Neil McKirdy. The LBA was due to hit the two weeks next week. Guess I just return the cheque with a letter saying no thanks and wait for the two weeks before I proceed to MCOL. Can I add any additional charges onto my claim that I have been charged this month? Do I put this in writing to the bank or on the MCOL? Many thanks Toprod
  5. Received a standard letter from my branch in response to my LBA. We will need to make investigations into your points, contact you as soon as possible blah blah blah.... I just sit and wait until the 14 days have passed before I move to the next step. Guess my branch will have forwarded this onto legal/head office as this point? Thanks Toprod
  6. Funboy, I put my prelim in earlier this week to my local branch got a response within 24 hours, which really surprised me although the response didn't! Putting my LBA in this weekend. Good luck, by the looks of some of the previous threads be prepared for the long haul! Toprod
  7. Thanks George, I have been through FAQ's, the prelim letter that I sent requested a full response within 14 days. The have responded within 24 hours, saying that they are not prepared to refund the charges. Do I still need to wait a further 13 days before I send the LBA or can I send it now? TIA
  8. Hi all, After reading all the successful posts have decided to start claiming back some of those excessive charges! I have opened a new Bank Account ready to switch after successful claim. I decided to start with the biggest beneficary, the YB. I have been a customer for over 15 years, hate to think the amount they have made out of me. Had nearly all of my statements for the past six years so put in my first letter claiming in excess of £1000 + £300 interest. Got a response within 24 hours! The worst letter I have ever seen, full of typos, explaining my obligations and responsibilities. They also stated that they were within their rights to apply charges for administrating systems....they were not prepared to refund the charges. Should I write to them threatening court action or just start court proceedings?
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