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  1. That is because the general public understand that word better than 'Parking Charge Notice' - added to which it is more snappy for the newspaper copy! Newspapers can call them what they like, so long as the parking company does not use the word...
  2. Not my area, but so far as I am aware, yes it is illegal so long as the engine is running, irrespective of whether you are stationary, and if you touch the phone in order to change the track - same as if you are using a satnav, or use your phone as a satnav. It is not illeagal to look at the device if it is in a holder (so long as it is not restricting visibility) and providing that you don't program the route or touch the screen whilst not safely parked with the engine switched off I think that some of your comments regarding the nature of what you were doing as in 'It was only three cli
  3. I too would be very worried about whether your friend has insured the vehicle - or have you maintained insurance with your friend as a ND? What about tax? If uninsured and the vehicle is stopped you could also face charges for allowing your vehicle to be driven without insurance. Check with MID if unsure
  4. Tesco are also very big on the whole 'Not Every Disability Is Visible' message, so I cannot see this being anything more than a story as they are 'Disabled' spaces and not 'Blue Badge Holder' spaces for the most part. Shoppers may well be challenged - politely - over possible misuse of spaces, and that will probably be down to the trolley collector, but I really don't think they want to alienate customers for the sake of a parking space. At the same time it is one of the issues that many customers shout loudest about so they do at least need to be seen to be doing something I would rather
  5. Unless there are clauses in your contract which specify that a minimum number of hours will be offered (but then it wouldn't be a genuine ZHC) then technically indefinitely You may have some grounds to complain if others are offered work but you are not, especially if due to a protected characteristic, or if there are other clauses in your contract requiring you to be 'available' and therefore unable to seek alternative work, but otherwise that is the nature of a ZHC - no obligation to offer and no obligation to accept work
  6. Agree with the above entirely. What you should do if you don't like it is to find another job. Irrespective of what the employer is doing wrong, with less than two years service the employer can terminate your employment for almost any reason they want - and they will most certainly do so - without any real option available to you Keep your head down, turn up and leave on time and do what is expected of you whilst you are on the premises. Let the CCTV be the problem of others not doing likewise!
  7. There are other threads relating to Excel at this site. I particularly like this one https://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?476097-Excel-BW-claimform-PCN-cavendish-retail-park-in-keighley-on-10-04-2014-**Discontinued-Costs**/page4 A quick Google seems to suggest that Excel were sacked in the summer of 2017 and replaced by G24. Their signage has been replaced as well, so part of your defence could include the fact that you have no way of knowing now what signage was in place where and importantly what advice was provided on the ticket machine regarding what to do if bro
  8. Welcome to the forum First things first the experts will need a bit more background in order to advise Location of car park, date of incident, was it a windscreen ticket or ANPR, did you appeal to POPLA/IAS Please visit this link, copy the detail, paste it here and add your own responses to the questions https://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?465231-Received-a-Court-Claim-From-A-Private-parking-Speculative-invoice-How-To-Deal-With-It-HERE***Updated-Aug-2016***
  9. Esso also have their own CCTV on that site to identify drive-offs. Might be interesting to have a chat with the manager to see what their footage shows. Not altogether necessary to see off the case with Euro Car Parks, but it might just kill it stone dead at an early stage. Get the Manager to burn the footage to CD to preserve it as evidence for potential legal action and you might not even have to pay a fee
  10. A SAR would only be able to provide you with data relating to you personally. It would not have scope under the DPA to provide you with payments made by customers TO the business even if they were meant to have gone to you eventually. Any such request would only ever be able to show you payments actually paid, not those retained by the organisation Nevertheless you should have received some sort of request even if only an explanation as to why further information could not be provided, so for that, a complaint to the ICO should be in order
  11. As an old wise head once told me, in employment matters, as with many other areas of law, you can be completely right, treated appallingly and lose your job, but very often there is nothing that you can do about it This is true now more than ever, as in the interests of the smooth running of business, and in the current economic climate, employers have more latitude than ever, and the support of Government in reducing barriers to run their business how they see fit. This has created an erosion of rights for employees and of responsibilities for employers In your case, whilst I unders
  12. Rest assured that if no address was given or a copy of ID taken then nothing further will happen. We would normally be advising about potential letters from a civil recovery organisation but that cannot be the case here - unless, potentially you used a Nectar card with what you did purchase and you details are picked up from that, but this is a very very remote possibility, so please don't dwell on it. Carry on with you life and put it behind you. As for a ban - I would certainly avoid shopping in that particular branch for a while - although they could only ask you to leave if you did, t
  13. Towntiger has a Facebook page seemingly still active? https://www.facebook.com/TownTiger-Crafts-197155577423743/
  14. I have had two run ins with BWL and on both occasions I found them to be robotic, thick-skinned morons. Their attention to detail in written communications is way below the standard of a 'normal' solicitor and their arguments are very poorly constructed - almost certainly cut and pasted by a very junior employee. Their stance is totally unreasonable and immovable even in the face of evidence and argument that warrants careful consideration - a we'll issue proceedings and hang the consequences. In the most recent experience of them they left it right to the last minute before discontinuing
  15. ^^ Completely agree. Tesco do not tend to involve police after the incident unless there has been a documented series of events. The incident 'may' have been logged on their reporting system to cross reference in the event of any future similar incidents to see if a pattern is developing. You would only be challenged on re entering the store if you tried to do the same again. Probably best not to use self scan in future but force yourself to go through a manned checkout. Then there can be no doubt over your honesty and no temptation for you to steal unless you are silly enough to hide it
  16. The employer will argue that a mistake was made and that there was no entitlement to the money. You would counter that the employer agreed to pay full salary in recognition of your status as a valued employee experiencing a temporary family problem No paperwork to support or refute that assertion - stalemete. A court could never come down on one side over another
  17. It is a bank - threatening is what banks do. Unless and until they send something which is headed 'Letter Before Claim' then you can either ignore them, or send a single letter denying any liability to repay the amount and that you will not communicate further until they provide evidence to suggest that such a liability exists, and from what has been provided and said to date, you believe that you were entitled to the money
  18. Some companies have strange rules about bonus payments - whilst it may be that you 'earned' the bonus for working during the period that the bonus accrued, they may have a clause which stipulates that it will only be paid if you are still working for the bank on a specific date after then As above, case law emerges from time to time which might strengthen the employee position, but for now, for so long as the employer is not proven to be guilty of exercising 'discretion' unlawfully, a relevant contractual clause might be sufficient However The above would normally be a factor wh
  19. Can't really add to what UB has already posted I hate any policy which includes the word 'discretionary' as it will inevitably be in favour of some whilst extremely unpopular with others. Bereavement is just such a case - some will be told to take whatever time is needed whilst others will be told to take unpaid time off at best or denied leave altogether at worst. There should be a firm policy to determine in what circumstances - nature of relationship, time allowed etc - so that it avoids such circumstances. The lady in question would almost certainly have been permitted time off t
  20. Appreciate you are already some way down the line with this but it will help if we can have more details Could you go here https://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?419198-You-have-received-a-Claim-What-you-need-to-do.-**UPDATED-2016**(1-Viewing)-nbsp and copy and paste here filling out out the necessary details for your case. People will then have more information about the Particulars Of Claim, the age of the debt, last payment etc Agree this should have been a CPR 31.14 request so that Lowell were obligated to provide all of the documents referred to in the PoC
  21. I have removed the name of your employer for now Have you ever submitted a flexible working request - or do you plan to? Yes the employer can change shift patters. Is it fair or right that they do so? No, but providing that they do so in a particular way (and it sounds from the way that you word your OP that they are doing this) then your options are limited when it comes to Tribunal action I strongly suggest that you go down the route of a FWR - that is a legal process which obligates the employer to consider the request and they are bound to provide genuine reasons why it cann
  22. Are the documents concerned subject to discovery and disclosure? Did you ask for them and have you been provided with them or are they ones that you 'know' are in existence but the Respondent is denying that they are in their possession? If you have the documents in your possession then as above, compile your own bundle
  23. Letter to Store Manager demanding an apology and copied to the CEO's office at Superdrug HO SCONE does not appear to have been applied - the guard should have had continuous observation and should therefore have been in a position to see that you had collected a prescription and put this in your bag, not shelf stock
  24. Sidewinder


    Providing that the default date and debt details are identical to those reported elsewhere then I would say yes. They would still have to disappear on the 6th anniversary of the default date though so would remain on Equifax in 2019
  25. Loving the fact that BWL in point 13 state that the statement of account 'is clear and ambiguous' - these are supposed to be educated people drafting these statements FFS! Much of what is in the WS is simple copy and paste from templates - with no referral to any facts contained in your communications with them. Consequently their laziness will be their undoing. They issue many many thousands of these claims every week so they do not bother with details - it is a pure numbers game The fact that they have paid the hearing fee is largely irrelevant - they usually do pay but in the face
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