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  1. Blimey - this sounds like the man who came on behalf of Moorcroft to my house! Very rude, condescending and discusses other 'clients' business and ours with a neighbour. You can't be forced to deal with this person - As Maxibon says, write and tell them that you are not prepared to do so and why.
  2. Just got home from shopping to find an answerphone message to say that Moorcroft called.......on a Sunday? I guess they must have received my letter but I won't deal with financial matters other than in writing so will await a written acknowledgement so may be waiting a while longer.
  3. Thanks for the advice. I have now penned a letter to them and copied to Britannia to the effect that I consider the account in dispute as previously advised and not satisfactorily resolved. Also that I consider the fees to be penalty charges and therefore unlawful and that these would not be paid. I have also requested that adverse information will not be recorded with CRAs and that I will report the matter if this is found to have occurred. I think that covers your suggestions!
  4. No they didn't. Until February I received an e mail each month advising of the recommended recording. In March I received the following e mail:- Dear Mr xxxxxxxxxxxxxx Our new website has now launched and now we'll be offering you even more ways of accessing the latest and biggest deals in home entertainment. The following tells you what you can expect and how it all works. To shop at www.bclub.co.uk you'll need to re-register your online account; (If you’ve already done this, please ignore these instructions). Make a note of your customer account number (you'll find this at th
  5. No and no....My e mail address never changed. Britannia moved from the UK to Jersey and changed their website. I kept all of the e mailed rejection confirmations up to February 2006, then in March received an e mail saying 'New Website - register now' which I did and after that time I stopped receiving the recommended recording notification via e mail altogether. I received a DVD not long afterwards which I queried and was told that I should have logged into the website to reject and had to send it back at my own expense, following which I was then invoiced for a DVD which I had not ordered or
  6. I entirely agree and would never agree to either a debit card payment or direct debit. Where it has been appropriate I have asked for the relevant details and set up a standing order. Don't trust DCAs and don't trust banks!
  7. Once again - thanks. I will hold the budget planner in reserve for now. Have had a lot going on at work for a couple of days and have not been able to phone so sent a letter denying having made any agreement to increase payments and have include the amount which I have always paid. I don't actually dispute what I pay now but can't agree to doubling that amount as they suggest. The other debt which has been passed to Moorcroft now seems to be moving as I have received the statement which I requested from the creditor. It seems in order and with no charges added so I will carry on paying a
  8. Any advice? A long explanation but the top and bottom is whether the charges which they say that I owe are penalty charges or whether they are part of the agreement which I accepted when I signed up. Are they enforceable?
  9. Once again I am left wishing that I had discovered this site months or even years ago! I bought an item for £99 from a High Street electrical store financed by FNTF and paid to terms until I changed the means of payment from Direct Debit to payment book whilst I was in the process of changing banks. Despite my paying via the book FNTF also tried to take payment from the bank (my fault I know - I didn't cancel the DD!) and it was refused, my bank hit me with a returned payment fee and FNTF added a returned payment fee to my account PLUS a letter fee. I refused to pay and as I was at the en
  10. Good Morning! I was wondering whether anybody else had dealings with Britannia Music and might be able to help? I signed up for an offer for some DVDs about three years ago and apart from the odd one which I wanted (which was't that many as the films which I wanted were always much cheaper in Tesco) I religiously cancelled the 'recommended recording' each month as I received an e mail with the suggestion and a simple 'accept/decline' button. Several months ago they stopped e mailing the recommendations and I received three DVDs in succession, only one of which I wanted, so I sent the othe
  11. Thanks for the help Maxibon.....it has reassured me a little but I wonder how Moorcroft can get away with such blatant untruths as claiming that an individual has madean increased offer but hasn't? The letter received today reads as follows:- Our records show that you have defaulted on your arrangement to send us an immediate payment of £40 followed by minimum payments of £40 per month with the result that you are in arrears for the sum of £40. Unless payment of this account is received by return of post we may instruct our solicitors to commence legal proceedings against you wi
  12. Hello to everybody from a new member - great site with lots of useful information! I have already searched the forum and whilst I can find plenty of similar questions to the one I have I would appreciate some help with a problem. I am just composing a letter to Moorcroft......! Some time ago we hit hard times and consequently fell behind with many outstanding bills - we got some of them sorted with voluntary payment arrangements with the companies concerned, although picking up CCJs in the process, but we have been trying to keep heads above water with the others including a water de
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