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  1. Not sure if anyone can help with this one. An ex partner failed to make mortgage payments on a property we owned jointly. Eventually the bank gave us an ultimatum. We took the option to sell the property. However, even though the bank had agreed to this course of action they took us to court to gain possession of the property. A buyer was found on the day the property went on the market, but the bank made it very hard to sell the property, and made so many errors it staggers belief - 1. They agreed to me selling the property as long as I paid the mortage in full until the property was sold. (I agreed in writing). 2. The bank's solicitors took out a possession order. 3. The bank said they would not take any further action if I continued to make the payments (I had already made a payment, but agreed in writing again). 4. The solicitor still carried on with the court action. 5. The solicitor for the vendor required to see the title deeds because they contained planning documents about an extension that was built prior to me buying the proprty. The bank refused to even correspond with my solicitor! 6. I eventually got the documents required from the local council. 7. The length of time taken to gather the documents pushed the the completion date over the date set out by the court. However, the sale went through without further action. Whilst the bank have been squared up, I think I was unfairly hit with their charges of over 1500. The details above are a short version of what happened. I intend to take matters further, but was wondering if anybody else has been in this position?
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