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  1. Thanks both of you for your replies. I will have a look at the link you provided Martin. Cheers sandbag.
  2. Hi all quick update, The FSCA have located the pension provider - it's now Reliance Mutual. I have received a reply from there compliance officer. She states that I was written to in 1998 by the original policy holder and as I did not reply I am now time - barred from making a complaint. I had moved house 5 years before they wrote me the letters and did not receive any correspondancce at all from anyone. I have made a complaint to the FSO but I will admit that thinks do look bleak for me! Does anyone think that I have any case at all? Cheers Sandbag.
  3. Ah, ok thanks for your reply. Regards Sandbag.
  4. Hello, I have completed a form sent to me by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme. They sent me a letter yesterday telling me that they have sent my file to Hazell Carr - a firm of independant consultants- they will be carrying out work to investigate whether I have suffered a financial loss as a result of the advice i was given. My question is does this mean that they are taking my case seriously, I wait everyday for a letter that tells me that I have no case and to go away!! Cheers Sandbag.
  5. Yes I have than you. They are currently looking for my pension. Thanks again.
  6. Hello all, I'm wondering if this is the right place to ask this question or indeed if anyone could point me in the right direction to see if I can do anything about this. I have asked the question on the MSE website but was generally made to feel even more stupid than I know I am! If is not the right place then please accept my apologies. But here is mt enquiry anyway. I have just had a pension forecast from my employer ( the NHS) and have been informed that i do not have Mental Health Officer status and that my pension contributions did not start until 1995. Now I started to pay into the NHS pension scheme in 1988. I was young and daft and I was advised by a pension salesman to transfer my pension out of the NHS scheme into a private one - InterLife so I did. I rejoined the NHS scheme in 1995 but have competely forgotton that i had transfered my contributions to InterLife. I accept that I have not got MHO status and my pension will only start from 1995,but I do feel that I was missold this pension and I would like to know where my contributions from that time have gone. Is there anything I can do about this? I was very stupid I know! Thanks Sandbag.
  7. Hello all , I have spoken to the pensions manager who has confirmed that I do not have MHO status. As I had a break in contributions for 5 years I lost my MHO status. She has advised me to write to the NHS Pensions organisation. So it looks like I missed out by one month! So now I need advice on how I can better the pension I have got now. Regards, Sandbag.
  8. Hi Honeybee, I cannot remember who advised me - it was a group of salesmen that came to the nurses home and at 20 years old i was not thinking about my pension - big mistake! 'If a member has had a break in membership of any one period of 5 years or more and rejoined the NHS Pension Scheme on or after 6 March 1995, MHO status cannot be granted.' This is whats worrying me as I did have a break in membership lasting 5 years, but - 'These special rights ony apply to scheme member who were in any of these jobs before 6 March 1995, and who: Have not had a break of 5 years or more in any pensionable employment, and Satisfy the special class or MHO conditions outlined above. Special class status will not apply to anyone who started working in one of these jobs for the first time on or after 6 March 1995.' - I was in post in 1990 after qualifying and had paid into the scheme from 1988 to 1989. I have not had a break in pensionable employment. So what I'm saying is that MHO status was granted to me in 1988 and I have not had a break in employment since, so I feel that I should still have MHO status. It's not looking good though is it! Cheers Sandbag.
  9. Hi Honybee thanks for your reply. The MHO status is important as it allows me to count each year of MHO membership over 20 years as 2 years for benefit purposes. I would be able to retire at 55 years with full pension, after 30 years service. Regarding my employment contract - that would probably tell me what my status is so I will have to get hold of it and check. Thanks again, Sandbag.
  10. Hello all, I'm hoping that there is a pensions expert in here tonight. I began working for the NHS in 1988 and joined the pension scheme at that point. I paid into te scheme for approx 18 months to 2 years. Following some really really bad advice i left the scheme and rejoined in April 1995. I did have Mental Health Officer Status in 1988 and I am aware that this stopped in March 1995. I was informed around 10 years ago that I did not have MHO status and at that point I challenged this and was informed that I did have MHO status. I recently received a pension forecast and it states that I do not have MHO status! I am waiting to speak with the pensions manager at work and I have asked Unison to look into this matter but I am really worried that having thought I had MHO status I have in fact not! Does anyone have any information on this matter? Sorry for the long post. Regards Sandbag.
  11. Received a reply to my second letter contesting the compensation of £60,as my gas supply was off for 6 days not two - they are refusing any further compensation as they state that as they did not know my gas supply was off for 6 days they only have to pay me 2 days compensation. Shall i just accept the £60 or shall i take the matter further? Cheers Sandbag.
  12. Hi debtmountain, well done! I've just complained about additions fees too. Regards Sandbag.
  13. Thanks very much Slick. Regards Sandbag.
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