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  1. Bump I recieved a letter today insisting that I settle the acount ASAP or legal action will be taken. I'm also receiving 10-20 calls a day.
  2. BC, This MAY help, if not just for reading material. GE Money PPI POC***WON*** - The Consumer Forums
  3. Enron, I think the CPR route is the only one available to me at present. I now know exactly what they have. I need to start looking at drafting a POC.
  4. Many thanks Ukaviator, Chris is coming down in a little while to sign the N1 and POC so the claim should be dropped of at the court this afternoon. Watch this space!
  5. **Update*** Rachel, Rachel Rachel. What have you done! So today I receive this lovely letter from dear Rachel at 1stCredit in relation to what I only only assume was to a CPR 31.16 request made a couple of months ago which they have already replied to. The generosity of 1stCredit nows no bounds as they have been kind enough to provide two, yes two credit agreements, one for a citi card account March 2004 and the other for a Citi/Bmibaby Card for 2008. The T&C's and APR are different in each and there and my signature is nowhere to be seen. Thanks Rachel
  6. LOL - I'm surprised it too so long for somebody to post such a comment. I like Starbucks coffee, so shoot me!
  7. Finding out that I am to be made redundant after only being in the position for 6 months. I've been given two months notice which is twice what I should have received but it's still a massive PITA!
  8. It doesn't look like the prescribed terms are present, by that I mean APR, credit limit (or mention of), your signature etc
  9. Molly I can only read some of the text as it's a little blurred but on the face it, application form.
  10. Ok so you have a buy a coffee first but Free is Free! The swap and get your daily coffee from Starbucks on Friday 26th February 2010. We’re proud because all of our Starbucks® Espresso Roast is 100% Fairtrade certified - this means all the coffee in every latte, cappuccino and americano every day. Use the link below to access the voucher. Either print it off and hand it to your barista, or just show it on your mobile device when you buy your coffee this Friday. http://wish.starbuckscard.co.uk/brownie/free_brownie_day_voucher_uk.pdf Terms and conditions: offer only valid on Friday 26th February 2010. Bring this voucher in paper or electronic form to your nearest Starbucks in the UK or Ireland and enjoy one free brownie when purchasing your espresso based beverage. Offer valid while stocks last only. One brownie per customer per purchase. Cannot be combined with any other offers. No cash alternative.
  11. Guys your thoughts please Ok so with a little help from UKaviator I have completed the POC and have sent a copy by email to my friend for him to approve and sign. For some reason I asked him to check his credit record to see who is showing as owning the debit but it has disappeared. The account was defaulted nearly two years ago now and was then passed to Arrow then Fredrickson for collection but after various letters going backwards and forwards requesting a copy of the credit agreement and them threatening to sacrifice Chris's newborn child if he didn't pay things have fallen silent. Now my question is this. By claiming against MBNA for miss-sold PPi are we waking a sleeping monster. Chris is in much better condition than he was 18 months ago but the last thing i want to do is make things worse just when he is on the way back up.
  12. Hi UKaviator. If possible i would prefer not to post the POC online can i email it to you instead?
  13. Hi 1337, MH are the lowest of the low and from personal experience (helping a friend out last year) they will try and squeeze everything out of you, however in this instance they have no grounds to extract a penny as you have a letter from Wescot stating the account had been settled. If it were me I would send them a letter stating this and show them the door.
  14. Giving this a bump. I would have thought that your rights under SOGA remain unaffected and they should unless otherwise stated provide a 12 month warranty. It MAY be worth contacting the manufacture and see if they will for the cost of postage replace it. Nothing ventured, nothing gained!
  15. Thats the problem AC, what the hell do they put in cigarettes. Keep it going, 16 days is excellent
  16. As the amount was transferred to your account in error spending the cash would be tantamount to theft, either leave it where it is or transfer it to a savings account and earn a little interest on it. RBS will at some point ask for the money back so why not earn a little interest from it in the meantime.
  17. Update I have been sent by HSBC a copy of a letter sent to my local County Court inviting them to dismiss my claim and if i'm honest I'm a little concerned. I expect others will or have been sent the same letter regarding their stayed claim, whats the next logical step?
  18. Update After checking my credit file this morning i am delighted to report that the default incorrectly applied by Citi has been removed, all it took was a phone call. Thats one less thing i need to worry about
  19. AC, I stopped 01/01/09 with out patches or gum, yes it was hard but bloody worth it. The first 6 weeks aren't great but keep reminding yourself that the chemical dependancy stops after 3-4 days and the rest is psychological, it's corny but true. For me, and this is just the way I dealt with it was not to distance myself from smokers but to carry on with my day to day routine and act like nothing had changed. Also if the cravings get bad just remind yourself that you have lasted XX days and if you had just one cigarette you would have to go through it again. Keep up the good work my friend I know what your going though, take each day as it comes and embrace the fact that you are now a non smoker.
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