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  1. Surfer, Consumer Direct have told me they are unable to help any further (Its debatable if they offered any assistance in the first place) and I should commence legal action if i felt i have a strong enough case. What a great help they were!
  2. Hi Martin/Surfer, This post will explain some to the background behind and ultimately the reason why the garage is withholding the paperwork for the warranty. As far as i am concerned, the purchase included 3 months mechanical cover provided by the RAC, this should have been honoured even if an error had been made. http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?281446-Mistake-made-by-a-dealer-Paid-much-less-than-the-asking-price&p=3173389&highlight=#post3173389 Martin, I will email you my POC later today when I get home, could you PM me your email address please.
  3. Hi Martin, Thanks for your reply, it is very much appreciated. In answer to your questions. Most of the purchase price was paid in cash and the remaining balance (just over £1,000) was settled using a debit card. I sent the dealer LBA to both the garage and his home residence, the latter has since been returned as he refused to sign for it. The LBA sent to the garage has been signed for.
  4. Despite my repeated requests to the dealer to submit the warranty application paperwork to enable me to submit a warranty claim he has not. The only option available to me is to commence litigation, not a path i want to go down but i have exhausted all other options. I am working on my POC and have a couple of questions. 1 - Is the defendant the Garage owner trading as the Garage name 2 - What, if any sections of the SOGA can i make reference to. I have a draft copy of POC but it feels a little light, if that makes sense!
  5. Not had any dealings with them but a Whois search gives Registrant: WWBP 3/87 Marine Parade Melbourne, Victoria 3184 Australia Registered through: GoDaddy.com, Inc. (http://www.godaddy.com) Domain Name: GLOBALSHOPCENTRAL.COM Created on: 21-May-07 Expires on: 21-May-11 Last Updated on: 21-Apr-09 Administrative Contact: Suter, P [email protected] Worldwide Business Partners Pty Ltd 3/87 Marine Parade, Elwood Melbourne, Victoria 3184 Australia 61412771533 Fax -- 61395257700 Technical Contact: Suter, P [email protected] Worldwide Business Partners Pty Ltd 3/87 Marine Parade, Elwood Melbourne, Victoria 3184 Australia 61412771533 Fax -- 61395257700 Domain servers in listed order: NS49.DOMAINCONTROL.COM NS50.DOMAINCONTROL.COM
  6. Just past the two year mark and have not had so much as one puff of a cigarette. I was thinking about having a Cigar on NYE but couldn't bring myself to do it.
  7. Hi Pdaddy, How are you getting on with your claim?
  8. The warranty was provided FOC by the dealer as part of the purchase. I have a copy of the warranty application form which was given to me at the time of purchase. The form has been signed and stampted by the dealer.
  9. Well It looks like i'm going to have to go legal as the dealer is not playing ball. Since purchasing the car it has developed a judder when selecting first gear which has been diagnosed as a failing Dual Mass Flywheel and is going to cost £700 - £800 to replace. The dealer is refusing to submit the warranty paperwork to the third party who provide the warranty meaning I will have to pay for the work myself then claim it back through the small claims court. This is less than ideal but the dealer is is refusing discuss the issue and refers me to his solicitor who avoids the question.
  10. Guys, Not being that clued up on SOGA I would like your thoughts on my situation. I recently bought a car from a dealer and included as part of the transaction was 3 months warranty provided by a 3rd party and because of a rather complicated issue the dealer is refusing to process the warranty application. The warranty provider has confirmed they haven't received the application paperwork. When I bought the car i noticed a slight vibration though the clutch peddle when pulling away but as it was a known issue with that particular model I didn't think too much of it. Since purchasing the car the vibration is gotten slightly worse and having narrowed the issue down to a failing Dual Mass Flywheel, VW also have diagnosed the fault also as a failing DMF. Th car is just over 4 years old and has done less than 85k miles and has a full service history. When I contacted the RAC to make a claim under the warranty they stated they had no record of ever receiving the application from the garage but did confirm replacement of the DMF would be covered. When approached the dealer refuses to answer my emails directly and will only communicate through his solicitor who keeps dodging the question. Consumer Direct have contacted the dealer but he denies the warranty was ever included as part of the sale even thou I have a copy of the paperwork! If I replace the DMF/Clutch myself the kit will set me back c£400 or c£900 if replaced by a garage so it's not exactly loose change that we are talking about. I am going to send the dealer a LBA demanding that he either submit the warranty paperwork or pay for the cost of the replacement DMF, however I need some guidance on the SOGA and what he has breached.
  11. Master Woody/CastleBest, How are you guys getting on with your fight against HSBC?
  12. Well done It will be 2 years for me on 01/01/11 and I don't miss it at all. I have friends who smoke and don't have a problem with that but do not feel the urge to smoke at all, even when drunk! It does get easier and the urges will go, its not easy to do but by the sounds of it you are doing a brillant job
  13. Guys, Your thoughts please - should i do the honest thing? Today, my wife and i viewed a car and negotiated a price taking into consideration some work which needed doing which both myself and the garage owner agreed to be fare. The owner of the garage had to leave the garage at that point and left us with mis colleague who i believe is his son. When it came to completing the paperwork and paying I noticed he had put the price down on the invoice as being £1,000 LESS than the price implied. At no point was an exact figure agreed it was just that £XXX would be taken off to cover the cost of repairs. Naturally we didn't say anything, signed here and there and paid pretty much 50% cash and the rest by debit card. We jumped in the car sat there for 10-15 minutes sorting a couple of things out then drove off and could not believe our luck. On the 290 mile 4 hour drive home both the owner and the gent who completed the sale left 28 voice mail messages asking me to phone them urgently as a mistake had been made and that it was in my best interest to do the right thing, which of course is to pay the £1,000 missed off the sales Invoice. What should I do 1 - Do I do the honest thing and pay the £1,000 in the knowledge that my action will earn me massive Karma points 2 - Say on your bike - your mistake, deal with it 3 - Initially say On your bike but then offer to pay £500 as a "gesture of goodwill" by cheque. Another thing which worries me is that part of the transaction was made by Debit card and I'm concerned they will try and make another transaction be made with out the consent of my wife but as they don't have the three digit security i'm not even sure this is possible. I get the impression this isn't going to go away over night and i assume they are going to threaten me with various acts to force me to pay BUT which, and this may make me sound like a complete donkey I would rather not do. What do think i should do - have i done anything wrong?
  14. The amount they have settled on is about £200 more than that claimed and i just can't work it out. O well Chris has given me £1k towards a camera lens as a way of saying thanks, once the cheque has cleared a donation will be made to the site as well. BRW. The amount claimed comprises of both compound and 8% interest.
  15. MBNA have settled in full out of court. I mean come on where is the fun in that! http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/payment-protection-insurance-ppi/243939-friend-sab-possible-problem.html
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