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  1. Hi All, I went through a bad financial patch around 5 months ago, one of the outcomes of this was Orange passing my debt onto a debt collection agency. This was not originally with NCO, but not paying it for a few months it got transferred (and a £30 increase bringing it to 171.24). NCO called me on 3rd december and told me if i made a payment of £129.00 they would consider the debt cleared, sounded good to me I went ahead with it (i was planning to anyway). NCO have sent me 3 letters since then requesting a payment of £42, is this some sort of [problem]? Should i pay the £42? Has anybody else experienced similar behaviour? I appreciate any advice given. Thanks James
  2. Thanks for your help SweetRevenge. Had a look around, couldn't find anything to do with Royalties accounts. I'm completely lost now.
  3. I'm slightly concerned as i beleive it may well be a "Royalties" account. Are you saying that the actual bounced direct debit charges may include a "royalties" fee?
  4. Hi SweetRevenge, Thanks for your help. I have only been with this bank for 6 months, previously my account was held with another bank of which i am awaiting to receive statements. Yes, on my internet banking statement they appear exactly as: CHG UNPAID ITEM(S) , D/D 89.95, RBS PERSONAL LOAN CHG 10AUG A/C 10103599 CHG UNPAID ITEM(S) , D/D 41.97, ORANGE CHG UNPAID ITEM(S) , D/D 89.95, RBS PERSONAL LOAN CHG UNPAID ITEM(S) , D/D 41.97, ORANGE CHG 10OCT A/C 10103599 CHG UNPAID ITEM(S) , D/D 89.95, RBS PERSONAL LOAN CHG 10NOV A/C 10103599 CHG CARD MISUSE , POS 9.49, POS 3.00 CHG REFERRAL CHARGE , FOR NOVEMBER CHG 08DEC A/C 10103599 CHG GTEE CARD PYMT FEE, POS 43.40 Yes i'm paying off a loan, perhaps on a couple of occasions the charge put my balance over the arranged overdraft limit. However I felt no need to complicate matters over claiming the small amounts of overdraft charges. I have no idea if my loan has been defaulted. I really don't know the meaning of "contractual interest" Thanks again for your invaluable help in these matters , i'm completely lost.
  5. Thanks for the help, here's a new link: Google Docs & Spreadsheets - rbs-final
  6. Hi All, I'm just about to send the first letter, although a little unsure. I have absolutely no experience dealing with things like this. Heres my spreadsheet which i will attach with my letter. Google Docs & Spreadsheets - rbs-final My letter is as template except "I calculate that you have taken £XXXXX plus £XXX which you have charged me in overdraft interest for the sum which you have taken. Total £XXXXX" has been changed to: "I calculate that you have taken a total of £467.74." Since I don't truly understand the overdraft interest. Any feedback is greatly appreciated. James.
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