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  1. Hi there, This is the storyso far.. I've sent off the Preliminary letter and schedule of charges and received a standard letter saying they will respond within 14 days. 14 days have past and I have now received another letter from the Customer Service Recovery Centre Andover. This letter basicly says how Lloyds view the charges to be fair and they will not agree to cancel the charges and if they do not hear from me by May 24th my file will be closed. I imagine they just trying to fob me off and this is an expected part of the process so would someone mind pointing me in t
  2. That was quick. Thanks for your reply. I shall heed your advice and send two seperate Prelim Approach for Payment letters/ Schedule of Charges. I'll update this thread as things develop. cheers
  3. OK. Out of all my banks I've been with Lloydstsb the longest so I will start with them. I received the 6 years of statements for both my current account and credit card a few weeks ago but haven't had time to deal with it. I have since picked up a few more charges. Could anyone tell me if I'm right to assume that I can just add these charges to the Schedule of Charges I've typed up in Excel? I've put both my credit card and current account charges on the Schedule. I hope thats also OK. Current account = about £1000 Credit Card = about £150 I think I've understo
  4. Hello, Just registered and trying to work it all out. Looks like theres a fair bit of reading to do. Anyhow, Hi to all.
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