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  1. hi just tried to cancel with british gas after cold caller said i could not go thru with it until the meter reading or letter , have tried to call them before 7 days but could not get thru and tried a few times but just on hold. got thru tonite but even tho they do not have the take over yet(energy) and it is not on my present suppliers system they refuse to end the contract and the sales person does not answer the phone he left me to dial, they said it expired on the 18 april and have sent me numerous letters ! which turned out to be 1 on 7 april and 2 today (i bet there printing them now).what a sham just re inforces my decision not to go ahead. My present supplier cant even take it back until they (bg )have got it ,only then can apply for it back . any advice? signed on 28 march
  2. yes just got the letter from site and waiting for the 40 days which sould be 5th april thanks
  3. Hi I have also got the kerry parfittt letters but i still dont have my information requested so cannot act further i sent them on the 25th feb had two letters back last one saying will write again in 4 weeks ! What next ?
  4. no ccj or court yet just hit you when your low!
  5. House 200k mortgage 105k married mortgage in sole name but equal joint owner with wife
  6. I have had an tempary arrangement to repay a debt i had when in business .But now as i only have an income from my new employement i am in a negative income situation and should pay only a £1 but i pay £10 per month . They accepted this but now want a settlement figure paid of which i do not have or issue a section 268 for bankruptcy the amount is for £800.00 for settlement (not Full) and Is £1597.00 debt to Yell I have to pay this by the 2nd Jan 2007. help quickly please:-(
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