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  1. Many Thanks For The Replies, I Will Keep You Updated Re The Letter On Tuesday (if I Get One) And When I Phone Them.
  2. Thanks for replying. Yes, \I sent off the S>A>R> with £10 postal order. 40 days is up on Tuesday 26/2/07
  3. I have recently wrote to barclycard asking for all details held. To date they have not replied. Do I next send off a complaint to the Data Protection or do I send a further letter to Barclycard
  4. mr ripped off


    Can anyone out there let me know if they have been successful against HFC. Had a letter from them stating they would not be paying out to anybody.
  5. I recently sent off for my statements and then my prelim. If you follow the guides on the website ( take a bit of time to read through them all ) yoou will find it easy to challenge .
  6. Hi, I have recently contacted the HFC bank re my submitted data access request and it was so refreshing to actually speak to someone from the bank who admitted that they where receiving quite a lot of requests (very strange). This person was very helpful and stated that they would ensure that I received the relevant paperwork by the start of the next week. in total I waited just over two weks and have now returned my letter requesting repayment of charges. Maybe the banks attitudes are changing.
  7. Many thanks for the assistance, letter is on its way.
  8. Can someone help? Having gone over old credit card statements I have normally been charged £12 by Barclycard and others for late payment etc. Is this regarded as excessive.
  9. Thanks for all the information, I have just hand delivered my first request. Will keep the group updated.
  10. Can someone advise on what to do if you have had to resort to an iva
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