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  1. My partner has just found letters dating back notifying him of the charges that do not show up in statements. Hmmm seems like TSB are being very underhanded indeed. Any advice ?
  2. Had a look for debits and again nothing is showing that would ressemble charges
  3. Following my success with HSBC I wanted to claim back my partners charges. I have sent off the SAR but he also registered for internet banking on this account. We both found this a little hard to believe when they threatened to close this account in 2004 and has not been used since. The account was to be closed due to charges, reversed DD etc but to our shock and amazement on the statements online there is no history of ANY charges. My partner rang the TSB and they to said they had no history of any charges even though they had threatened to close his account due to mismanagement. Is this a new tactic of the bank to erase all charges ? Any advise would be greatly appreciated
  4. Please move me to the SUCCESSES !!! Only sent LBA on Monday and have had an offer for the full amount today !!!! I cant believe it:) Anyone out there just go for it !!!!!!!!! Thanks for all your help. Expecting my money back within 7 days and will be sure to make a contribution. Thanks again !! Going to encourqage my boyfriend to take on TSB now.
  5. OK, 14 days are up tomorrow so will send the next letter !! Guess it is positive it is coming from Colin Langdale though ??!!!
  6. Hi Netty, you are right they are a joke !! Wondering if you could advise if you had the same response from HSBC as I have just had... only sent the prelim letter on the 16th and have heard back with a claim number and a gentleman called Colin Langdale to call and discuss the matter with further ????? Unsure if this a standard reponse ???? I am going to call him but unsure as to what to say as other threads have not even recieved acknowledgement of the prelim letter ??? Any help would be greatly appreciated
  7. I have heard back from the HSBC!!! To say a gentleman called Colin Langdale is fully investigating my claim which now has a claim number and to give him a call if I wish to discuss it further!! Is this a standard letter so early on??? I look forward to hearing from you MissH
  8. Hey lattie, I have learned alot from your threads too !! No talk of retirement please, I will need your help !!
  9. Hi all, It has only been 3 working days since I posted my prelim letter and already watching the post. Is it standard practise that I wont hear from HSBC until I file ? Think the waiting will kill me !!! Miss H
  10. Thanks Netty, Please keep me posted in your progress as I am quite a few steps behind you Good Luck
  11. Bank charges came up in conversation of a meeting I went to today and one of the representatives was from a well known high street lender. He confirmed off the record that people will win there claims as banks will not want to go to court !! Obviously did not jump up and down and tell my colleagues about my chequered financial history. But did help with the friday feeling !
  12. Hi All, New to this but have been reading up on the subject for quite a while. I was unsure as to how much I had been charged over the last few years but with the online access to statements from the HSBC I decided to have a look and was shocked to discover charges in excess of £3,000. This week was the last straw when I was charged £30 for going 11p over my overdraft limit. My account has been in order for the last 10 months but they refused to remove the charge !! With that I printed off the statements put together my spreadsheets, opened a parachute bank account and sent my "prelim" letter today. Like I said still in the early stages and new to this so any advice would be greatly appreciated... I look forward to hearing from you... Miss H
  13. Very Helpfull !! Happy New Year Hopefully a prosperous one
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