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  1. What has sparkie done. I have an ongoing case with swift and have a legal firm acting for me.
  2. Any news on Sparkie as he is in court today isn't he?
  3. Hey sparkie, im just waiting for a reply from the i.m. Hope your well now. Hope you get the result you need.
  4. Well,well Mr Takeiteasy, I,m only joining in cause you infuriate me so much. Its not Sparkie on here that put me up to getting a fully quilified consumer credit solicitor involved. It was ME. So lay of the old guys and pick on us younger ones instead. Read my posts on swift and my experiances with them. I,ve not been on here for a while because i,m waiting on a new doner liver aswell as worrying about having my home repossesed. Don,t suppose you carry a doner card do you? Then again would i won,t anything of a heartless t..t like you? My wife is a school teacher and brings in money every month, pays tax and looks after me and 4 kids. Is compation taking our house just because i became ill and can no longer meet our commitments? My solicitor has wrote numerous letters to the FSA and Mr Blockersage and now informs us he has never seen such hi, hidden and devious credit agreements he has ever seen. I wont to go to the high court to face these people! bring them on because even the path the courts will see who,s right and wrong! So go and start your own thread instead of hijacking ours. P.S did you write your message on a swift computer? Was Mr Mark watching over you? I wonder! P.s because life throws all sorts of things at you tell Marky Mark my brother did not enjoy his stay in prison and he was 6"4" and built like a wall. Said christmas tea wasn,t that good either!
  5. Sparkie we will have to sort this out then. I am up your way one day next week. May there be a cup of tea and some light hearted chat about our freinds swift?
  6. Hi Sparkie, ive been in hospital so have missed the last two pages but just caught up mate. I new you would get legal aid mate. Its ugly the way you have been treated. I know what you mean when you say the other half is getting to the end of her tether. Mine has been there mate and at one point nearly split a 18 year marrige up. Now we are strong and feel that swift have a tidal wave coming there way. I am still dealing with our solicitors and wondered if we should tell our own solicitors of other cases in case they would like to talk cases through together?
  7. The firm of lawers in shefeild i am currently using. Sparkie has seen the response i have had from them because he has read the emails i recieve. There view is we have to sink them through the FSA and other governing bodys. We do have a case and they are currently plotting an attack for myself. I was due in court this month but i managed to pay the arrears for now on there advice. I,m not here to criticise but i also think that judges don,t listen to the ordinary man. Sparkie has got some evidence but we just need to know how to use it. The more you look into them the more you find. It is sad that sparkie lost but he's a fighter and fight he will. All swift did yesterday was make us even more determined to get them. So just watch out Swift as the war is only just begining. Cheers Daz
  8. I'de like to see it sparkie. I,m next in line to take these on!!! with the help of a barrister!
  9. Lets just dig even deeper. They are rattled as my breif has just said. Sad thing is is does take time. Heads up everybody as i,m sure sparkie would won,t us to fight on and not give in.
  10. Hey sparkie you aint let nobody down. Your a fighter mate. We didn,t beat the germans with the first attack. Head up mate. Would you send me how much it would be to keep your house via pm mate?
  11. Where has all the guests suddenly come from?
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