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  1. I was in this situation apart from I owned two cars - one mine one my partners - The IP stated we could only keep one but they accepted that my friend could buy the car from me for a cheap price - and then gift the car back to me - it was an old car that would have fetched £700 if sold on side of road!!! my friend offered me £50 and that was accepted!!!
  2. I do voluntary work for a charity and was a school governor for 12 years - I am now at uni training to be a Social Worker - I had convictions worse than this - my advice is that if you declare it - you will be asked about the circumstances and so long as the possible 'conviction' is spent which I would suggest it is then you will be fine - however if you don't admit it and it shows up you may then be told that you are not suitable. These type of offences do NOT bar you from working with children - they would just like you to have shown remorse which I think from your OP that you have Hop
  3. The credit check performed by an estate agent isnt as sever as one for a credit application - I know that my score is less for credit application than what estate agents or employers may see - this was explained to me on checkmyfile.com (free for 30 days - but then make sure you cancel it - I now use Noodle a free service and you can raise a dispute against anything outstanding that should have been cleared through the bankruptcy. I know this from personal experience Hope this helps Banking Idiot
  4. Every time MMF call me - I tell them i am recording the call they then wont talk to me - I of course tell them its for training purposes and they put the phone down on me - I like having my little bit of fun with them!!! I have registered a formal complaint with the FO as they texted me at 1:30 am on one occasion - the FO is currently looking into this for me banking idiot
  5. Did you get that from the website I pointed you too? Regards Banking Idiot
  6. I have just done some research for you as I belived that water companies were not alowed to cut supply anymore. Can companies still disconnect customers for not paying their bills? No. Since 1 July 1999, when the Water Industry Act 1999 came into effect, water companies in England and Wales have not been allowed to disconnect domestic customers for non-payment of their bills. Here is a link to the website that I found for you: Consumer Council for Water : Consumer Council for Water Hope this helps Banking Idiot
  7. They do have a right to keep you if you owe them money. If you were in a position to pay them any outstanding money, then I would do so and then switch. Regards Banking Idiot
  8. Sorry to be so nosy. Have you had your offer letter yet? I was told by the customer care centre that I had been sent a letter on 1/2/07 but still waiting to see what they are offering me.
  9. I am very happy for you. You never had to start court wow. I am a few days behind you so I can only hope for the same. Well done Regards Banking Idiot
  10. I have included the following paragraph in my LBA expressing that with this process they are breaching their own complaints proceduer: In addition I would like to draw to your attention that you have not followed your own complaints procedure. If we haven't resolved your complaint within one week, we'll write to you: 1) Explain why we haven't managed to resolve your complaint 2) Tell you how long we expect to take to resolve it 3) Tell you who is dealing with your complaint In most cases, we'll resolve your complaint within two weeks. If we haven't resolved it within
  11. Hello all. I am just sending out my LBA. I have included a paragraph about that they have not followed their complaints procedure and it is being sent to a free post address. Step-by-step Complaints Procedure We want to: Make it easy for you to raise your complaint Listen to your complaint Consider how you'd like us to remedy your complaint Make sure you're satisfied with how your complaint was handled How and where to complain In personVisit any of our branches and speak to one of our staff. Use our Branch Locator to find your nearest branch.In wr
  12. Response today - Bog standard reply LOL Thankyou for your letter dated 7/1/07 regarding charges applied to your account. We are currently considering your claim and will respond as soon as possible. pp Stuart Hingley Customer relations
  13. Hi I am at the same time frame as you had the same response. I am due to send out LBA on Monday. Had the same letter today from Stuart Higley!! Will watch your post and let you know how I am getting on. My claim is for £703 on a step account. Regards Banking Idiot
  14. Jodie Good luck with your forth coming baby. As a dad of six, I know it is hard work. I am watching your progress with natwest and wish you all the best. The advice you are getting is good. I have been to county court before and it is very informal and above all not a criminal court. - Even though Natwest are criminal in their method of making money at £38 per rejected item one of the most expensive I think. YOU MUST RELAX AND CHILL AS ITS GOOD FOR YOU AND BABE. Best wishes Banking Idiot
  15. Thankyou everybody. I am sorry, I didn't word the 1st part of my thread very well. The charges are for DD or SO. I have now changed to stop any confusion. I have also removed my letter to Natwest as this is for registered users only. What a Banking Idiot, I am
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