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  1. No probs I'll need the same support if/when i get my offer! Posting LBA off tomorrow, hope it comes through quickly wouldnt mind a bit of extra £ for my 21st next month! Would be lovely to get a personal response sometime wouldnt it, I got a standard fob off letter from the lovely Colin L the other day (twice!) Well done for rejecting though you sound like you havn't got long to go!
  2. Just send it to head office Canada square address even if thats wrong they'll send it to the right place Sending my LBA off there on tuesday anyway!
  3. Why not your going to get it all back anyway! Good luck (not that you'll need it!)
  4. Hello Rasta, I received two of these 2 days ago, just proves how inefficient they are!Also got LBA ready to send out. Good to hear updates
  5. Think you've just answered your own question then Enjoy and well done! Hopefully I'll have the same luck soon! p.s. have a nice hol
  6. So they've offered you most of your money, does this really give you the impression they think they'd win? Really is up to you, if you hang in there theres nothing stopping you getting the rest of YOUR money!
  7. Evening Ardbeg, I sent my prelim a day before yours and received exactly the same letter this morning (twice!) sending LBA on 16th, will be watching your post for updates! Christy
  8. Hello Egar, we are on the same timeline at the mo as my prelim was also sent out on 2nd this month, did you also receive a fob off letter (or2?!?) this morning?
  9. Of course, and I meant tuesday by the way, so much to sticking to timetables!Oh and the fact that they sent two copies of the same letter just shows their lack of efficiency...something that will be used against them if its needed!
  10. Well today I received a letter from the lovely colin langdale telling me they are investigating my charges and will contact me as soon as they have completed them (err no I think Ill just send my LBA on monday still I havnt got til 2010!)I received two of these aswell, must be special eh!
  11. Hello nooey, I just sent mine to HSBC Bank PLC 8 Canada Square London E14 5AQ Just make sure you send yours recorded delivery, doesnt really matter where in HSBC you send it to as they'll forward it anyway but the above ad is head office. Im just a few days ahead (prelim sent on the 2nd jan) so look forward to reading your progress
  12. So no updates as yet, LBA to be sent a week tomorrow, just wondering if anyone else is at the same stage at all?
  13. Very true, of course we're not going to lower ourselves to their standards are we hehehe
  14. For future reference I send my correspondence to this address HSBC Bank PLC 8 Canada Square London E14 5AQ But you'll be fine to send it to the bank manager they will forward it on so you shouldnt have to cc it to head office Christy
  15. Un1boys amendment looked fine and didnt drastically change anything at all, look forward to reading your progress
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