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  1. Hi Guys, Have had offer from Cobbetts. Told them i would only accept if they put my costs on top. No reply recieved about this, not very Professional, I'm sure you will agree. Anyway did get a copy of their allocation Questionnaire yestarday. Mine AQ went in a couple of weeks ago does any1 know how long it normally takes to get a court date? Also the 'offer' letter did state that even though it was written 'without Pred' they will put it infront of the Judge to show that they are being reasonable. Is it worth me telling the Judge that they did not respond to my 'Offer' letter? Cheers for looking and all your help!
  2. Thanks for clearing tha AQ question up HydraUK! Just seemed bit of a Coincidence that Cobbetts sent CPR Part 18 Request, then within 7 days had AQ.
  3. Thanks for the link HydraUK, interesting read! May gather all my 'Evidence' together a see what I can knock up!
  4. Thanks Thailand, I just thought the track would have already be decided due to - Type of case, Amount in dispute and so on ...... Is the AQ purely down to the Court or has the Bank/Cobbetts had an input on it?
  5. Firstly I would like to say hello and a big thankyou to everybody who has posted such interesting and helpful information on the site! In brief my claim started in october, bank refused to refund charges, filed claim with court a month ago, had CPR Part 18 Request from Cobbetts, sent that off last week(copy to court as well), and today I recieved an Allocation Questionnaire(small claims track) from court. Whilst reading through the FAQ's it mentions a template for the AQ but I cannot find it:confused: , can any1 point me in the right direction please, also guys in the AQ 'Part G', 'Other Information', shall I ask for a break down of the banks charges to be supplied by RBOS or not! Does the court look at the AQ and the information in it in great depth when deciding on a verdict? Thnks for any help you can give me, please feel free to ask me any questions!
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