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  1. Hi, Another update......after my case was transferred to my local county court, COLCHESTER, I filed the AQ......then after a week of the deadline, I got a letter syaing that if the claiment (in this case BB) didn't return the AQ by mid OCT, the court would through the case out. Anyway, I guess they did, because I received an ORDER from the court saying the judge was staying the case until the 19th November, in the meantime he wanted us to settle the case or narrow the issue's. If by the 19th, the claiment (BB) hadn't written to the court to outline what has gone on, he would lay down sanctions!!!!!. In a nutshell, I will be writting to BB to re-confirm my position and will just have to see what the judge does next.....I'm supprised that BB havn't applied for a stay in the wake of the OFT test case.....
  2. Hi all, Just an update on my counterclaim against barclays. A quick re-cap, barclays started proceedings against me for falling behind on a £5000 loan. I instigated a defence early this year, stating that barclays owed me money, unfair bank charges, and that should be deducted from the balance. This was all handled by the Bulk court in northampton. I have just received the following that on 31/08/09 at Northampton County Court - without hearing, an order that the stay be lifted and transfered to my local court. I have until the 1/10/07 to return the Allocation Questionaire.
  3. Not been around much, but thought I'd just post an update with my situation. My defence against Barclays suing me over a loan is that they owe me a sum (made up of charges applied to my current account). They tried for automatic judgement after i had filed my defence. I had had 1 form of communication from them saying no charges applied to my Loan, no acknowledgemnt of charges to my current account. Any way to top it off, they are now suing me against my current account.
  4. Hi anyone heard of Legal and Trade, Apparently they represent Capital Bank, and they are chasing 3800 spent on a credit card. I was dealing witha nother firm on this matter, but had heard nothing from them since I requested a copy of my credit agreement, that was back in september last year. Any advice anyone..........I have had numerous calls, but as yet have not mafe contact with them.
  5. Hi, Yes barclays are aware I was going to start a claim against them for charges to my current account. The loan is seperate. Since I started talking to barclays about my current account, they have been not very "understanding" with me struggling to make loan payments - almost feels like a retaliation by them. The claim against barclays would wipeout half the loan, atleast
  6. Hi, Thought I'd post some info about whats happening to me at the moment. I have started the ball rolling with barclays about unfair charges, sent the SAR, got statements, asked for money back, got an offer of just under half, sent back thanks, except amount as part, please can I have the rest, letter back saying thats as high as they will go, here's the offer again. Alongside that, I had defaulted on a loan, having made arrangements to pay a reduced sum, I broke this agreement, because things just went wrong and I had to spend the money else where. Anyway, rany barclays to explain, they demanded the payment there and then, I couldn't as I had no money at the time, so they have started a claim against me. Last night I filed a acknowledgment of service, defending the full amount. I will be filing a counter claim saying that I do owe barclays money but they also owe me money due to unfair charges, also I beleive the amount the are suing me for also includes some charges. I now have 14 days to prepare. Thats about it
  7. Hi, Im in england..not sure of details yet as my partner rang me. Will have to look/digest over the weekend. From what i gather i have forms to fill in to admit if i owe the debt and then a form for outgoings...I have 14 days to reply.
  8. Hi, This is my first posting and urgently need some advice. I have today received a summons for a bank loan I defaulted on. I had agreed reduced payments, but due to morgage going up I didn't have the funds to pay, so I rang the bank and they said unless I paid the 25 pound areers there and then I would get a summons. I said that I would pay a week later when I had the funds. I did and they issued a summons. I suspect that last year when all things went wrong I got clobbered bank charges and I suspect these have been added to the total. I have no statements on this loan, or cannot find any letters, so cannot prove. Any advice as to what to do now?
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