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  1. sorry i dont understand?? we are genuine - just as he works nights and hes getting nowhere with this case hes asked me to have a look at it........ what question are we not answering?? sorry if im confusing you - i should have explained earlier when i began using his account - its been him up to when ive commented today. sorry
  2. yes sorry - brothers asked me to update and to also look into his rights as he feels hes getting nowhere hence im helping him out
  3. ok thanks - he said he doesnt have proof of it so i will advise to get a copy of it as proof...... thanks
  4. oh im sorry - i havent made myself clear - im updating on my brothers question for him as he asked me to - didnt make that clear sorry, i should have put that
  5. no - he asked them to leave with a neighbour but they left it on the doorstep instead
  6. they said they received an email saying their parcel was on the way and that they can choose a safe place - it gave them options of where to leave it if they werent in and they ticked 'leave with neighbour at ......' - i have had these emails myself when a delivery is due and it takes you to an online form to fill in and state where you want it leaving
  7. ill find out..... but ive a feeling that will be no - if thats the case what can they do? thanks
  8. final response from game they said - they have proof of package been delivered so they are satisfied its been received
  9. thank you everyone for all your advice.... ill update once ive received a response from game
  10. hi - i dont suppose you can help me with the wording of an email to them please - i have fuzzy brain atm - working nights is a killer and its sooo busy atm because of covid. thanks
  11. i bought a gaming console from game for my sons birthday in October. I asked if not in to leave with my neighbour 4 doors down. As i work nights I checked my emails around 4am and found that my delivery had been left on the doorstep which is open to the whole street - we dont have fencing and we were opposite a block of flats (since moved). I went to look and it wasn't there. I've been in dispute with dpd and game about this issue and they are saying it was delivered ok, there's nothing that they can do. used resolver to try help me but they've closed the case saying i now have to take it to court as a civil matter. Is that indeed the only option i have now please?
  12. thank you so much for your help the details are; Order placed: Saturday, 29 Dec 2018, 15:43 Order total:£605.00 Belling FSE608MFc Electric Cooker with Ceramic Hob - Stainless Steel - A/A Rated thanks so much
  13. hi everyone, can you help me with this please - do i have rights still on a 3 year old cooker - I have home insurance (100 excess) so never took extra insurance on it as always thought they were a scam. The fans making a horrible noise when it goes round so need it checked. Ive checked nothing is banging on it nor is anything stuck on it - its nice and clean too. Will I have to pay for this doing please? Cheers
  14. ill be very surprised if they have followed all the rules because i myself cannot see how she wouldve got these loans and cards........
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