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  1. thanks, ive sent the l.b.a this morning (20.02.07)rcorded, so ill just wait for a response.
  2. thanks a lot sea_sidelady ive copied template letter 3 ,as letter 2 doesnt really apply to me , is this right?
  3. hi everyone i havent posted for a while cos i was waiting for halifax to to send me copies of my charges , the 40 days was up yesterday (17 feb). now im not sure what to do!. i received a letter (unsigned) within aweek of sending my s.a.r. stating that i would get a response no later than 16.02.07 , fair enough. i then got a letter from trinity road saying that they needed more personal details (roll number, sort code and my branch number!!) before they could proceed with my request. i sent the information (recorded). is this just a delaying tactic, and should i stick to my original 40 day deadline and move onto the next step. any advice would be appreciated, thanks
  4. hello to everyone and thanks for all your comments and replys. after 7 phone calls and two visits to the police station involved i finally got the officers name who authorised my car to be towed away,which by the way was and is fully comp insured,i have written aletter of complaint to the chif const of merseyside along with a request for a refund of £125.00 which i will post recorded on monday. so ill keep you all posted . i would just like to make a couple of pointsbefore i sign off. 1) after my friend who was driving the car was threatened with arrest and my car was unceromoniously dragged onto a transporter she was told to"walk home or get a bus" at 11.00 pm in the rain, why? 2) when she went to the police station/compound to collect the car she had to show the insurance cover note before they would release it , so why still make her pay? absoluteley fuming !!! thanks to all
  5. hiya to everyone, not sure if anyone out there can help but here goes , ill keep it as brief as pos. took a family holiday last year (1 march-1 feb)and rather than leave the house empty for a month a friend of the family said she would live in while we were away so , as a small thankyou i added her to my car insurance as a named driver so as she wouldnt be inconvenienced in getting to work. had agreat holiday ,came home ,all is fine until two weeks ago when she told me that my car was towed away ,under police instructions, by a private recovery company!!!!!. she was too "scared to tell me " sooner, dont ask!!. anyway the "offence" was having no insurance , the police said that because the car was registered to a male and the only person , according to their insurance database,insured to drive the vehicle was "a male" she "couldnt possibly be insured".she explained that the insurance cover note was at home with her name and details on it,it didnt make the slightest difference ,the car was towed away and it cost her £125 to get it back on production of an isurance certificate,she refused to pay at first as she was insured ,but was told "if you dont pay well keep the car until the owner returns and charge £15.00 per day storage" nice!! anyway she paid, but i would like the money back. HELP!!!!
  6. Thank you to everyone that has replied. Your advice and experience's have been a great help
  7. please help!!!!!!!! i have been searching this site for two days for the first letter i need to send to halifax to claim back my charges, please dont advise me to read faqs as i have already done this.
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