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  1. My father passed away last August 2021. He owned a house with his wife of 30 years and recently inherited a large sum of money from his sister. His wife says that Dad left everything to her and the house will go to her 2 daughters when she passes. Dad has said many times, including shortly before his passing, that his money, and his share of the house, would be shared between me and my 2 siblings. He asked that his wife be allowed to live in the house until she passed, if she wanted to. Because of how he was treated regarding his father’s Estate, many years ago, he was adamant that we would inherit and not his wife’s children. I have asked for a copy of the Will and she answered ‘he left me everything’ and refuses to discuss it. I have been checking the Probate website but it hasn’t gone to Probate yet. Does anyone know why it could be delayed? I’ve contacted the Solicitors she said she used for Dad’s Estate and unsurprisingly they won’t discuss anything with me suggesting I seek my own legal advice. Would I be able to get Legal Aid for this?
  2. I lodged a grievance against a colleague. A thorough investigation was carried out and my grievance was upheld. There were a number of recommendations made in the report in Oct 2017. One of the recommendations was that me and the colleague attend mediation. It also recommended that if she did not engage in mediation action should be taken via breach of Code of Conduct and/or Dignity at Work Policies. She is saying that her husband is not well so she is not able to participate in mediation at this time. My employer is saying she is not refusing but is delaying. Other recommendations around my line manager reminding her of expected behaviours, her responsibilities and pointing out possible consequences have not been completed. I have continually chased my line manager and HR around these recommendations as what was a bad situation has now got worse. My line manager finally met with my colleague yesterday for half an hour. Following that my line manager met with another colleague and asked her about my mental health. She told my LM that she has concerns about my MH caused by the colleague. I then met with my LM. She said that the colleague, who I lodged a grievance against, had told my line manager that I'm the problem - I'm clearly mentally unwell and am paranoid. My LM obviously believes what she is saying. I reminded her that the investigation had proved the opposite! My mental health has been negatively affected by all of this and I am struggling to attend work. I've met with our Wellbeing Manager to develop a plan to manage my stress levels but she's advised that until the grievance outcome recommendations are carried out nothing I do is going to make any difference. Other than hand my notice in, and I cannot afford to do that as I'm a single parent, I'm at a loss to know what to do next. Any advice greatfuly received!
  3. You can ask for a copy of your file but can only have copies of anything which does not identify a 3rd party e.g. if someone has complained about you they wouldn't show you this. If all you want are copies of documents you've provided this should be ok. They may ask for a £10 fee. You say that you agreed to mediation but that it didn't come tio anything - it sounds as if your neighbours did not agree. This suggests that they dio not want to resolve the issues whereas you do. They should have told you what action, if anything, they have taken. They have many tools available - Acceptable Behaviour Contracts, Injunctions, Antisocial Behaviour Orders, Demotion of tenancy or possession proceedings. Ask for a copy of their ASB Policy and Procedures - every HA has to have one and most publish them on their web site. You can then see if they have dealt with you fairly. If you feel they have not followed their procedures you can complain to the Chief Executive.
  4. But don't understand how they got her details - if someone has applied with them are they likely to apply to someone else who doesn't ask for a guarantor??
  5. My daughter received a letter from FLM loans today informing her that following her request to Personal Loans a loan of £3000 has been agreed. It was addressed to our old address (5 years ago) and quotes our old landline and her mobile number. It's saying she needs to complete details of a guarantor and she will have the £3000 (APR 62.1%!!) transferred within 24 hours. She has not applied for any loan, when we've rung the number it's saying calls are charged at 10p a minute and the cynic in me thinks we'd probably be holding on for some time before we get fed up and put the phone down anyone on here has any experience of this company. Should we be worried that this is an attempt at identity fraud or a [problem] i.e. cost of phone call to say 'no thanks' could be a nice little earner.
  6. He contacted the Police who said they would not get involved as it's a private car park. He's now negotiated £100 to get the car returned as he's working tonight so has to get home and it's a hire car and would have had to pay extra on that for another day's hire. My son asked the how he sleeps at night robbing people in this way and he replied 'on my £1500 bed that I paid for from people paying these charges!!' Thanks for your help though.
  7. His friend was with him and is verifying his story but obviously they're not taking his word! He's argued that it's not that he didn't pay - he did but that because of the fault on the machine he was 70p short! They're saying they're giving him a discount of £100 - it should be £275 for being 1 hour over the 12 hours! Good of them! There is CCTV near the machine but they say he can't see it until tomorrow and has to pay the £175 now or it goes back up to £275 and will have £25 a day added until he pays. The car park is in Blackpool and he's coming back home to Wales this afternoon.
  8. My son parked in a car park last night - The charges are £4.80 for 12 hours, £5.50 for 24 hours. He put £6 into the machine as he only had 3 X £2 coins in change. no change was given by the machine. He didn't check the ticket. He's gone to the car this morning to find it's been towed away. The ticket given was for 12 hours! They are now demanding £175 to get the car back. Can they do this??
  9. My son got into financial difficulties recently as his job was commission only based and sales dropped off - he was spending more on petrol than he was actually earning. He went back to his old job 2 weeks ago and received 1st wage today. Last week he contacted Barclays and agreed a balance reduction plan (he's had confirmation of this by letter) as his overdraft was £250 (agreed £100) but with charges due to go on will be £410dr. He went to ATM today, it swallowed his card telling him to contact bank. He went into local branch and was told he'd been sent a letter (not received) telling him account was to be closed 11th Oct. They would only let him draw out the credit amount (he owes more than that to me for petrol etc to get to work for the past 2 weeks!) After spending over hour on phone this evening he's asked for a review of the decision to close the account. Of the 5 people we talked to not one could tell us why the account was to be closed - the last person said Barclays don't publish what criteria they use when reviewing accounts as customers would be more likely to have positive results!! If he'd not contacted them last week and agreed the plan I would still think that closing an account which was £150 over his OD limit slightly excessive!! She also insisted that the reason for closure was nothing to do with his credit scoring! Just as he felt he was sorting his finances out they pull the rug from under him - he visited Nat West this afternoon to open an account with them but was turned down.
  10. In December 09 I booked a holiday to Marmaris in August for 4 with Low Cost Holidays paying £106 deposit each. One of the party decided in March she couldn't go so contacted them for a price for the remaining 3 and asked for the price to keep the 2 rooms and also if we all shared 1 room. They said the friend who'd pulled out would lose her depost - fair enough. Checked with the others and we all agreed for the extra £30 each quoted we'd keep 2 rooms and that we would pay the balance of the holiday straight away. I've e-mailed them 3 times but not had a reply other than the automated 'we will reply in 5 days do not e-mail again' !! Getting through on the phone has been a nightmare usually 16th or 17th in queue - at 10p min put the phone down and try again. I've gone on-line to try and pay but the 4th person is still on there so asking for the full price. I've submitted to ask for her to be taken off and price altered but no joy. Finally got through 2 weeks ago but they said as it's a Sat they'd contact the firm and ring me back Monday. I said we've already been given a price £1006 but they insisted they had to get an up to date cost. Message left on Monday - have to pay £1029. Rang last Sat and they are now saying we have to pay another £300 on top! I said already been given 2 prices lot less. She said she will check taped conversations and ring me Monday. Wed today and no phone call - phone has been minimum 12th in queue since the lines opened. Have e-mailed them again but not holding my breath for a reply. The balance has to be paid by next Monday - any advice? Will deffo be using the local travel agents for all future holiday bookings!
  11. My son started working in October at a job which involves going into customer's homes installing equipment. He had to sign a form for permission for a CRB check. He told his employers that he has a conviction for possession of Class C drugs (canabis) 18 months ago and was told that this would not be a problem. He completed training courses (paid for himself) and worked through Christmas, 7 days a week often working 16 hour days. The money he earned for the hours he put in was c**p to be honest but he loved the job. Since Christmas work has dropped off and he was told today that the CRB check has now been returned with the conviction for drugs and they are severing his employment immediately. He is gutted and cannot understand how if he was such a risk it was OK for him to go into customer's homes alone when they were overrun with work but it's not now orders have tailed off. Any advice?
  12. I can't believe this!! Am I reading this right - unless everyone of the 700+ claimants ask for their stay to be set aside we are not even having a hearing?? The blanket directions hearing of 700+ was one thing, the blanket stay was another - this is unacceptable unbelievable and unjust!
  13. BTW forgot to say I live in Pontypool
  14. I'm up for that - just let me know where and when. Hope it's soon!
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