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  1. I'd consider modified to b e a change in my duties, not my hours. ie I do desk work, not physical. Don't get me wrong, I've been off for 4 weeks, and cant wait to get back. Id happy do my 44 hours, if I could maintain my shift pattern, its just they say it's not possible. No threats have been made, and I certainly don't want it to go that far. I just don't know who's in the right legally.
  2. Hello, Ive been on sick leave following an operation, I want to go back to work but am about 4 months away from full fitness.( my job is physical) Ive been offered modified duties, which Id be happy to do. The problem is my employer wants me to work Monday to Friday 9-5. My normal hours are 2 days on 2 nights on followed by 4 off. If i'm forced to work 9-5 It will cost me a lot of money in childcare, which I just don't have. My employer says I cannot continue to do my shift pattern whilst on modified duties. I must do 9-5. Where do I stand? Thanks
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