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  1. After having the motor reposessed i have recived this from Duncton, can anyone please explain what it is, and waht it means for myself? There is nothing for me to fill in, no i+e form nothing??????????? I jknow i owe them and intend to make an offere at some point, but all i have recieved is this. Rgds
  2. Hi, i have been to court already with my car and agread to higher repayments and was allowed to keep the car.I fell behind again and now after a few warning letters that said the the credit company may use the court order to reposses the car.I have just applied for a time order this weekend via post, but tonight bloke turned up with a van, waving a court order in my parents face saying if i didnt hand it over by tonight they would have to report it as stolen.Any advice??will they report it stolen,. is it to late for the time order???Rgds Really need to try and hang on until next week.
  3. Many thanks. would i be wise to write to the financer now,or straight to the court,no default yet,just 2 reminders they may enforce the court order? Rgds CT
  4. liking the idea of this VT i think,just worked out withall the extra charges they have hit me with, i am abutt 200 under 50% of total. Any template letter aywhere? Many thhanks ct
  5. Also i paid 1500 deposit, will this count as payments made? rgds
  6. usually direct debit debit,which failed 4 weeks ago. Is this VT definate? i mea could there be a clause i my agreement vetoing this?? Ct
  7. To cut a long story short,went to court and kept the car,agreed increased payments and made 6. Fallen behind, as of today 1 month behind,had 2 letters from duncton advising if i didnt make the payment they may enforce the court order to repossess. Could make the missed payment this week if needed,however its gonna be a struggle to keep it up. Made about 22 payments from 48. anyone advise waht the procedure is for repossesion at this stage,would rather hand it over than people turn up at work for it,also what timeframe is,ie how long have i got before knock at door? Do you think they would accept paymennt for last month this week? Cant see ayway of getting payment oliday or reduced payments, not after court order??? Bloody petrol price has done me. CT
  8. i found it! all i got was notice of hearing, claim form and some notes with sheet at the back, admission form with budget sheet????? No defense form.
  9. just found a witness statement they sent me, it is county court. still looking for court papers.
  10. thanks will try and find it, to be honest i think i may have binned it. It was a return of goods hearing in the local magistrates thats all i remember.
  11. not sent any defense buried my head in the sand to be honest. Paid about 4 grand, 14 months paymnets out of 48. plus 2 grand deposit. default notices first, then termination after 2 months arrears passed. been trouhg marriage breakup/lost kids etc, thats why id just ignored it. can now carry on wit payments, higer payments if needed about a grand behind.
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