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  1. Isn't there a law about Committing an Act of Criminal Neglect by Wrongful Disbursement of Public Moneys. And aren't the council bound to investigate? This is so a council worker cannot divert monies into their own accounts, but they seem to think diverting monies into "Wrong accounts" is simply an error. It isn't, it's negligence of the highest order. The need to be made accountable for their actions, or lacj thereof. Makes my blood boil!
  2. Hope this comes to a satisfying conclusion. I would write the MP and tell him if he doesn't know what goes on in the real world then you'll be voting for someone else next election. That normally gets their snouts out of the trough and back to working ways..
  3. Above posted in July this year. I still am a non-smoker, though those damned cravings still lurk but become easier to suppress over time. I have heard of some champix users requiring extended courses of treatment. It's worth the wait, well, it gives my Missus more spending power...though she hasn't given up yet!8-)
  4. Started taking Champix Feb 2010. Stopped completely after ten days, not smoked one since. Of course residual craving remains but I guess this is the will-power required bit of the advertisements. Bit of nausea that lasted a couple of days and I've always had vivid dreams so nothing too bad. Now I got to get the missus to give up
  5. Well, it started off as a trip on the outrage bus as a soldier had had his benefits cut. Then a flurry of sparring and general accusation/denial/accusation, then a discourse on DWP money saving exercises. AND NOT ONE MORE WORD ABOUT THIS POOR BLOODY PONGO. We should all be complaining to our MPs about this treatment of someone who IS disabed. Perhaps young Major Phil should go round dwp offices and ask them if they think HE is disabled. Better still transfer the DWP directorate to Helmund province and let them take some of the hot crap for a while.;
  6. Is it one months notice from any date or one months notice from the last day of the payment period? Sounds like the latter. If you pay her at the end of the month, say June and then give one months notice in the middle of June she may be saying your notice is one month but to expire at the end of a pay period, or you can't give one months notice to finish half way through a pay period. That's only my thoughts, perhaps someone will be along soon with the legal side of your problem. Hope it gets sorted well for you:-)
  7. Nice to see you got a great result with Mosborough Hall Hotel in Sheffied. I was going to make a booking for the summer for myself and 32 club members. going somewhere else now. Cheers!
  8. Just send the form back telling them you can't wait to find the thieving SoB guilty and string him up. They'll refuse you on grounds of non-impartiality.
  9. Well, I guess no-one is any the wiser. Hope you come back and let us know the result
  10. I suppopse one can feel sympathetic about the good doc's situation though I don't see anything about who laid the tarmac strip, doc or council, and why weren't the original railings reinstated? I doubt anyones' drive would be considered part of the footpath, though if you park part on your drive and part on the pavement you're obviously going to elicit the interest of parking authorities. Perhaps the doc's £10,000 would have been better spent on railing off his own property.
  11. Might be worth having a look on their site. http://www.cica.gov.uk/Default.aspx?id=592 Can't see anything about the child being excluded because the father had a criminal record. Though if the father had committed the action that led to the child's injuries then there may be a problem. And of course the injuries have to meet the minimum £1000 payout. Without more detail I doubt anyone would be able to give you a definitive answer.
  12. Hi, JLS. If you go to the "Residential and Commercial Lettings" main page, you'll see towards the top of the page a button marked "New Thread". Then you'll be able to start a new thread.
  13. I had a similar PCN where the incorrect location was a different area of London. The initial appeal failed (they needed the money?), so I appealed to PATAS and was successful, so watch out for them trying to grab your money.
  14. Course it depends on the job your missus does. I, as a train driver have to inform my employer of any medication I take as it could affect me. This is a 'must do' or I get the old heave ho. Might be a good idea to check the contract she has.8)
  15. Well, I appealed to TFL who said they were satisfied the PCN had been issued correctly. So I appealled to the PTAS and this week they informed me that TFL were not going to persue the case. Good news and thanks again to everyone for your support.
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