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  1. Hi, Sharing my experience of PH Travel Consultants who also have a golfing arm of their travel business. Unfortunately PH owes us £6,000 from a holiday that didn't materialise due to Barwell's collapse. Not his fault obviously, however he failed to communicate this to us in the first place, provide us with any tickets(even long after Barwell's collapse he hadn't even informed us just kept promising tickets that day, the following day, each day we spoke to him...) Even up until the day before we were due to fly he kept saying he was 'working on it'. We lost our money and had to book a whole new holiday. We are now trying very hard to communicate with PH who either refuses to answer the phone, does not reply to emails, has never called back when promised and only occasionally sends a text. We are being fobbed off with excuses left right and centre, were told 2 weeks ago that the money was due to be in his account that week but nothing since then. We are now in the process of taking legal action over this and PH's stance - after sending 3 emails asking for an update and a final one stating my intentions on I finally had a response telling me that he would get his solicitor to have me for slander! Fortunately I have evidence of all factual information I've passed on about this company (and it would be libel!!) Would hate anyone else to go through this or be in the same situation so please proceed with caution!!!
  2. dpick and Angel, This is a very interesting read, I've been defaulted by 2 catalogue companies and am very much disputing what I owe them in the first place, plus there's no CCA. In fact one has been passed to a DCA who has registered 2 identical defaults!! I'm desperately trying to resolve this and fully prepared to take court action against them. Dpick would be most interested to hear how you did it, who the companies were and if you had any defaults etc from them? Many thanks pinky
  3. That's the ridiculous thing, it's actually a letter from Cabot themselves!!!! Thanks Rhia, will put pen to paper now.
  4. Very interesting reading! Well done!!!!!!!!! I'm having my own battle with Cabot http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/general-debt-issues/98141-next-default-2.html#post2132584 Any advice would be greatly received as they're doing my head in!!!
  5. I guess I shouldn't have spoken too soon!! Markers are now back on my credit report and I am now being harrassed daily by Cabot on the phone. When I first spoke to them they asked me how I intended to pay back my debt, I explained that it had all been sorted and I had a letter from the company saying that they would not chase for the debt but they kept talking over me and didn't listen, in the end I put the phone down. Now every time they phone I just answer and leave the phone until they hang up. How should I proceed now?
  6. Will be most interested in seeing how this progresses as I'm in exactly the same position with Littlewoods. I, still not sure how, have today had 2 defaults removed from my credit file from Next, after 2 years of fighting them. I vowed that once I'd done that I'd start again on Littlewoods which is now my only default. I, like you, want to move house later this year with my partner so this is really important to me. Will watch with interest
  7. I must admit I was in the same place as you with this, I tried everything, I had the letter from Next stating they couldn't provide a CCA and I sent copies and copies of things to Cabot (the DCA), have you tried to offer them a figure for full and final settlement? I did this on the proviso that they removed the default, they agreed to the amount but wouldn't remove the default. I kept writing to Cabot telling them I disputed the debt and the default and had a few phone conversations with them, they checked with their legal team and still came back saying they couldn't remove it. A few weeks ago I wrote them a last chance opportunity letter saying I would pay the F&F amount if they removed the default, failing that I would commence legal action. I've not heard from them but then I got the email alert today from Equifax saying 2 defaults had been removed from Kings Hill Ltd which is part of Cabot I believe. I've had no correspondence from anyone regarding this yet which is why I still won't believe it just yet!! But needless to say I'm a happy bunny tonight Just don't give up that's all I can say. They know they're in the wrong after all. Good luck with yours, will be interested to see what happens.
  8. Had notification today that my (2) defaults for my Next account have been removed from my credit file!!! I'm still expecting them to re-appear as I can't quite believe it after 2 years of fighting them. I guess this can be marked as ***WON*** now
  9. Hi Freddie, I've written many letters since then (all documented in detail on the MSE forum) but basically they said they couldn't remove the default but would give me 2 options - 1) pay an agreed amount and they would mark it as satisfied (but the default would remain) or 2) not pay and they wouldn't chase me and mark it as unrecoverable (again the default would remain) so I wrote to them again saying the default was placed incorrectly and the account was in dispute and that I wouldn't be paying and would take it through the courts to get it removed. That was weeks ago and I'd pretty much given up with it but then just this minute I get a notification from my credit report telling me a credit agreement has been removed and lo and behold, on checking my credit file Next is no longer on there - I did have 2 defaults on there for the same debt (one from Next and one from Cabot the DCA) both now gone!!! I can't quite believe it and am expecting them to reappear any minute!! Don't give up Freddie, let us know how you get on Pinky x
  10. Well this is still ongoing and still the default remains, have left this one alone for a while as I concentrate on Next Directory but it's really affecting me now, need to get it removed. They refused my offer of a payment. Have just been looking at my credit report again and notice that for this account the account was in dispute for about 8/9 months, there were then 2 late payment markers (straight in at 3) and then a default, this isn't fair surely!!!! and on top of that, never a notice of default recieved (surprise surprise!) Has anyone successfully had a Littlewoods default removed? Is it worth going in with a charges claim at the same time? not sure there are that many but then I guess if I had as many late payment markers as they seem to have placed then there should be some charges on there!! lol
  11. Well I've tried a 'niceish' letter to start with but making it clear it will be taken further, they will know I mean business as I took them to court for my charges so not afraid of that. Interesting though that all 3 credit reference agencies say different things - it's defaulted on Experian (surprise surprise!) but shows as settled and £0 balance on Equifax, not even a sign of a default!! How is that right??
  12. I'll leave the answers to someone with more experience with me on this but will be subscribing to your thread. You're not alone out there and remember not to give up - people will help and you will resolve this eventually. If it's any consolation I used to work for Kays and went thru hell then too!!! Good luck Pinky
  13. I've sent them a niceish letter for now, see if that does anything first.
  14. Great post. I have 2 threads going at the moment and would appreciate some help if anyone is able to? http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/alliance-leicester/173189-l-default.html http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/data-protection-default-issues/156350-next-littlewoods-defaults.html I hope those links worked ok, not sure I've done it correctly! Many thanks everyone - keep up the good work
  15. Next cannot provide receipt of goods because I asked them for it! Initially they told me they had proof that they'd delivered items to me so I said 'show me' and they said 'actually we don't have it' wasters!!! Mine's currently with Cabot, have been battling this for quite some time now so will be interested to see how far you get. I've tried everything. Latest from Cabot (yesterday) is that they have confirmed the debt is unenforceable but are unable to remove the default as money is still owed, they've given me the option to pay a settlement but the default will still remain. I've only agreed to pay if default is removed but they're having none of it, even though it was placed incorrectly/illegally!! They're telling me they can't legally remove the default which must be rubbish as I've had one taken off before. Not sure where to go with it next really - ha next geddit!! god, they really have got to me!
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