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  1. hi, i'm also in the process of claiming back charges from lloyds, i have the address to send the data protection act letter to them but cannot for the life of me find the address of HSBC, could anyone who has received the data back please tell me where they sent the request to??
  2. hi, yeah its good to hear from someone whos in the same position as me. i watched the bbc money program and looked at their website and the instructions it gives you there seem more simpler than here, i alrady have sent the preliminary letter to lloyds but didn't ask for the data protection act statement. (i think i jumped in a bit too quick). So what i've done it started from the biginning following the advive on the consumer action group's site (this one we're on now) and i've just asked for the data protection act request and am now waiting for that, then i'll be writing to lloyds again. i'm going to follow the advice on this site to the letter and i'll post again as soon as i receive the data request. (i'll actually start up a new thread under Innes vs lloyds in the lloyds bank section). Would be great to hear from you whenever you have any progress on your claim, (good luck and heres to getting one over on them money grabbing banks)
  3. many thanks lucid, can get started now and settle down to some reading while i wait up to 40 days for the reply. thanks again:)
  4. cheers michael, have already read through the faqs and beginners pages for over 2 hours and feel much more enlightened already, although i still lot a lot to get through!! i obviously want to get start started so have printed out a Subject access request letter from the template. however, i have searched through the forum and cannot find the answers to 2 questions ; 1) in what form should the £10 be? cash? cheque? and if so who should the cheque be made out to? 2) i don't know where to send the letter to, i've tried the link below; Information Commissioners - Data Protection Public Register i typed in 'lloyds', and it comes up with too many results, put in 'barnstaple' or 'Devon' and no matches are found. if someone could please just point me in the right direction, PLEESE! i understand this may be a very dumb sounding couple of questions to people who have already been through the process, but there is a LOT of info on this site, not all of it easy to find, and i dont want to make a cock up right at the start. we all have to start somewhere.
  5. hi all, i've only just found out about your fantastic site, i , like many others, watched the bbc money programme about claiming back bank charges. all fired up, i checked my girlfriends lloyds bank statements (i could go back 4 and a half years online) and found out they had charged her over £1000!. reading on the bbc money programme site, it said that you could work out the average over the six years by a simple formula which took the total for six years to £1377. thus, i filled in the template letter the bbc provided and sent this off to lloyds, a couple of days ago they sent me a letter saying how sorry they were i was not happy but sod you anyway. it was then that i found out about your site. i wish to go ahead and send off the 'LBA' letter using the template on this forum, but it says about including a schedule of charges, i didnt include this with my first letter, i guess it is a list of dates and charges over the six year period, but bearing in mind i can only go back 4 and a half years of statements i'm not sure what to include if anything. should i edit the letter template removing all the bits about including a schedule of charges?? any help very gratefullyappreciated, cheers
  6. thanks for the advice. i will go ahead and send lloyds a LBA (letter before action), although because i used the bbc money programme letter template at first i did not include a schedule of payments. i take it this is a list of all dates the bank charged me money and the ammounts. (i could go back 4 and a half years of statements online, but had to work out the missing first year and a half by dividing the total of 4 and a half over 6 years). can someone please enlighten me on what i should enclose with my LBA, cheers, matt
  7. hi everyone, after watching bc money programme, i looked over my past six years of bank statement and discovered lloyds have taken £1377 !! i wrote the leter to them from the bbc money program template ( didnt know the consumer action group existed back then)! Today i got back the letter from them saying sorry your unhappy but sod you anyway. I did phone the bank up asking if it was possible to come to some sort of agreement, they said they has so many claims that it would be about 2 weeks untill they could review my claim, but they did say it was likely they would offer some sort of goodwill gesture. I really don't hold out much hope that the 'goodwill gesture' will be in any way very satisfactory, but should i wait to see what they offer? or should i go ahead with the LBA letter? I really do intend to file a claim with the courts and go through the whole process, i'm totally fed up with banks stealing my money especially as i am a single mother of 4!! in the meantime i guess i got a lot of reading to do on this forum, but its nice to know so many others have been so successfull,
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