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  1. Hi Guys, Dont want to post any specifics. But in a nutshell. A certain high street bank has been recording a DEFAULT marker on my credit profile incorrectly for 5 years for an amount just over 10k. This has denied me all forms of credit. I am not a greedy person but want to ensure I am fairly compensated. The FOS sound like they are having kittens calculating something like this. So in your opinion, what would be 'fair'? Thanks
  2. Only in two cases are they allowed to process this information. 1) They have legally purchased the debt and are executing their rights as a Data Controller. They can however only process the details of the ORIGINAL default and cannot make a new one. 2) You have given them express permission permitting them authority to report to the CRA's on your account conduct and have specifically given them rights to record your payment history. The latter is extremely unlikely! What happened in my case was HSBC were recording a default. They sold the debt. Now the DCA records the SAME information however with their name. You should challange their authority to process this information in your name.
  3. Thanks Pinky. But what I am worried about is what if they decide that they will remove the 1 default and place 2 defaults for each account back up. I guess I need absolute clarification that the accounts have been combined, or do I? Im not sure!
  4. Hi, I had a loan & current account with HSBC taken out in 2003. The loan defaulted as I could not keep payments up on it. The reason for this was I lost my job and the PPI did not cover me as I was a contractor at the time. The loan & current account defaulted. The current account default is made up partially of unlawful penalty charges. The account was then eventually sold to Phoenix Recoveries and Fredricksons International I am presently making monthly payments to. The account balance seems to have been combined, however I am unsure at which stage. I was missold the PPI and successfully managed to get a refund on the PPI amount, however as usual they did not admit fault, merely upheld my complaint and duly refunded the PPI amount to the loan/current account balance. Whilst the loan was with HSBC my credit report recorded that I had a default for the loan and a seperate one for the current account. Now Fredricksons are recording only one default for the combined amount. Essentially what I want is to get this default removed. I presently have a case with the FOS as I believe I should not have a default as the PPI was mis-sold and had it not been mis-sold I would not have defaulted. However, do I have any other angles that could be explored. I have seen mentioned in other threads the fact about combined accounts making a new account and as I had not agreed to it making it unenforceable. I have already SAR'd HSBC and have all the information. The CCA is enforceable. Any help/thoughts appreciated.
  5. Hi Guys, I ammended the letter that was sent and send it to my local MP. I was extremely surprised to firstly get a response and not only that but the actual response seems to have got to the right people! Here is a copy of the reply:
  6. Hi Guys, For the love of me I cannot find the original post. Sorry OP! But the other day someone suggested writing to your local MP in reference to unfair debt collection practices in relation to the recent Channel 4 documentary dispatches. I ammended the letter that was sent and send it to my local MP. I was extremely surprised to firstly get a response and not only that but the actual response seems to have got to the right people! Here is a copy of the reply:
  7. Upon completing the form: Bad Referrer - Access Denied The form attempting to use FormMail resides at National Debt Support Centre, which is not allowed to access this cgi script. If you are attempting to configure FormMail to run with this form, you need to add the following to @referers, explained in detail in the README file. Add 'moorcroftdebt.com' to your @referers array. FormMail V1.92 © 1995 - 2002 Matt Wright A Free Product of Matt's Script Archive, Inc. This is an attempt to use the moorcroft sendmail/formmail cgi app on moorcroftdebt.com and the interim link is Bad Referrer - Access Denied. Something fishy going on here!
  8. Sent today. Does this mean they cannot resell it if its acknowledged?
  9. Hi, I received a letter from Red which concerns a debt over 9 years old. This has been passed from pillar to post around various DCA's. To my amazement, I contacted them and informed them this was statute barred. Without even explaining why, the guy on the phone said 'Thats fine, you'll have a letter in the post tomorrow confirming this from us'. Thanks!!! Just seems a bit easy! I have sent a letter just incase anyway.
  10. I contacted the ICO. They acknowledged my communication however have still not written to me. Thus so far, no nothing has happened. I even contacted HFO back regarding the matter. They called me and asked for payment, go figure!
  11. Hi, Yes the text is from Mercers! How would I begin to fight this in a court? Thanks Gary
  12. Hi, Hoping for some assistance with this one. On 28/07/2004 Barclaycard recorded a DEFAULT from a credit card account which appears on my credit report for an amount of £878. I have sent a SAR to Barclaycard which specifically requests for a copy of a copy of the default. The copy provided is an electronic print off of the text that was contained in the letter, and not a copy of the original. I have noticed multiple discrepency's 1) The amount is different than that recorded on my credit report. It is lower. 2) The date is 5 months earlier than specified on the copy of the default. Therefore the date does not match. Can anyone advise me on what legal implications this has. I think its invalid for 3 reasons 1) Incorrect amount. 2) Incorrect date. 3) Invalid copy. Thanks yhs4260
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